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  1. KPUrban_

    Report - Ickleford Flour Mill (Bowmans), Hitchin - 2023

    Bowmans Flour - Hitchin Introduction It's probably best to set an expectation for this write up before going further. This visit was a very armature ordeal which, during a long and unplanned afternoon, helped kill some time. The photos have sat idle on the drives until the site was bought up...
  2. A

    Report - Node Court - Codicote - March 2022

    The History Node court was built for the American businessman Carl Holmes in 1928 by Maurice Chesterton. Entering the building, you walk under an archway with single story wings on either side of it. At the back end of the property there is a two-storey cottage with a timber frame balcony...
  3. Hollyjayneee

    POLICE TRAINING ACADEMY, Barnet, Hertfordshire, November 2020

    This is a place ive seen a few times from pictures and i always wondered where it was. My friend and i decided to go there (hes been there before) and i was very very pleased i got to go. From what i know and have tried to research about this place it used to be a training academy for the police...
  4. air4385

    Report - ZW3 Burnt Farm Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery , Broxbourne, 09/2020

    History- The ZW3 Burnt Farm Heavy Anti-aircraft battery was an air defence unit of the British Army during WW2. During the war Burnt Farm was separated into two parts. There was a domestic area to the north which included the accommodation and general administration buildings. To the south of...
  5. Honeybadger

    Report - Southfield School, Hertfordshire - August 2019

    Ok you lovely people, here's my second report of a little explore I did this summer of Southfield School in Hertfordshire. Unfortunately it had to be cut a little short after I realised it had manned security and I almost walked in on the bloke. Luckily I heard the game he was playing on his...
  6. Honeybadger

    Report - Spigot Mortar at Brookmans Park

    Just a quick report on the remains of the base of a Spigot Mortar position in Brookmans Park. The Spigot Mortar, also known as the Blacker Bombard, was designed in the 1930's but didn't enter service until 1941 and was to be used in the defensive role in the event of an invasion by Germany...
  7. B

    Report - Had a day out exploring a POW camp in Hatfield heath and north weald redoubt in july 2019

    First stop of the day was a POW camp in Hatfield heath which I think was called camp 116 access was easy we went on a Saturday and it was very quiet all the buildings where easy enough to look round and the decaying cars where cool. Second stop was north weald redoubt built in the 1890s again...
  8. WilsonTheHuman

    Police Training Academy - St Albans, Hertfordshire, August 2019

    This is a spot I've had on my radar for a while now but not got around to going to. Went to this the same day my friends were up here so we decided to scoot over to it to have a look. There is nothing I can find anywhere about this place, but it seems a hotspot for local kids as we encountered...
  9. Proxy_the_Moocher

    Report - Bricket Wood Leisure Centre - Herts - Jan 2019

    A kick start to 2019 with this fairly easy but highly satisfying explore. @WilsonTheHuman, @Carpathian and myself set off headed towards Herts and the swimming pool that has been repeatedly photographed by few aficionados of urbexing. The site lies in the middle of a huge park, alongside a...
  10. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Bricket Wood Sports Centre - St Albans - January 2019 - Part 2

    Ran out of photo space on the previous report so here are the rest of them including the sports hall where someone has clearly had a lot of fun with paint pots, and some of the outsides of some of the other buildings on the site. The place is huge but it looks like the only accessible place is...
  11. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Bricket Wood Sports Centre - St Albans - January 2019 Part 1

    First explore of 2019 after a long break from exploring after I changed jobs (again) and ran out of enough spare time to go wandering! This place was quite a treat! Met up with my good friend @Proxy23 and a friend of hers and off we went to this place! Access to the site was much easier than...