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  1. UrbexBee20

    Report - Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Hampshire – November 2021

    History of Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital – Hampshire – November 2021 This hospital was called the Princess Louise Hospital in 1901 which was founded by public subscription for sick and wounded soldiers returning from the Boer War. The hospital can be found on Chawton Park Road, to the east of...
  2. Jamie221094

    Report - Belvoir Park Hospital, Belfast - Nov 21

    Was just a quick visit to belvoir park hospital so didn't get much photos hopefully stay longer at next visit little bit about the site opened as the Purdysburn Fever Hospital in 1906. The facility became known as Montgomery House in 1953 and it then became Belvoir Park Hospital in the 1960s...
  3. Rayemaa

    Brighton and Sussex (but also Lincs)

    Hi, I'm a returner to UrbEx, although most of my experience has been abroad whilst on holidays and things. I am based in the Brighton area, but can drive so would be up for travelling. I also spend quite a bit of time in Lincs and have done quite a few of the asylums and things round there...
  4. GRONK

    Report - Seacroft Hospital, Leeds - July 2021

    July 2021 I visited this one with @coolboyslim and @stranton whilst we were in the area, we had no particular plans to visit the Hospital but someone shouted up as we passed it so we pulled over and had a look. Seacroft Hospital came into existence as a result of the nearby St James's Hospital...
  5. Jharg

    Report - Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore - April 2021

    Done many times but I’m fairly new to this so fairly straightforward to get into for somewhat beginners. Went to the Zachary Merton ward at the royal national orthopaedic hospital over in Stanmore.closed in the 80s and pretty destroyed, still some files and paperwork lying about but not a huge...
  6. Markknights94

    Report - East Fortune Hospital, June 2021

    Fantastic wee hospital! The place was built in 1922 and at the outbreak of WW2 assisted the RAF base nearby. After the war it converted to a tuberculosis sanitorium but as cases of TB in Scotland started to drop it was decided to be used as a clinic to help the mentally handicapped from the mid...
  7. AlikaiCoxy

    Report - Thorpe St. Andrew's Hospital, Norwich - June 2021

    Aaaaaagh! First Report Time! - Please leave some constructive criticism for me! - Also, please correct me if I have any information incorrect! History The original hospital building, opened in 1814, was designed by Francis Stone. In 1849, John Brown designed and built the wings to the ward...
  8. Katie Jaydee

    Report - Waterfall Sanatorium - Australia - October 2017

    Waterfall Sanatorium / aka Garrawarra Centre / aka abandoned Helensburgh Hospital History The history of the Waterfall Sanatorium is a creepy one. The hospital was opened in 1909, used as a quarantine facility for tuberculosis, which ravaged Australia at the turn of the century. With no cure...
  9. DTFreedom

    Report - Soviet Hospital - Ogre, Latvia - June 2020

    I couldn't find much history of this place, I only just found out that it was a hospital - at first I thought it was some sort of office building. The building is located in an industrial area with many similar abandoned buildings, underneath the building there is also a nuclear bunker which is...
  10. tezo

    Lead or Rumour info - Dunston hill hospital update feb 2021

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/plans-flatten-former-gateshead-hospital-19860831.amp Looks like they are finally pulling it down.. was a great explore glad I got the chance
  11. O

    General - New to this

    Hi, I’m Chloe and I’m 24 and want to begin exploring and have been directed to this website. I’m from Eastbourne East Sussex and have access to a car, would anybody be able to point me in the direction of some good places to explore? Thank you :)
  12. DE-eVOLVED SS3

    Report - Shoebury House Hospital, Southend - Dec 2020

    PRE WAR - CONVALESENT HOUSE HOSPITAL, NESS ROAD SHOEBURYNESS The Old Mental Hospital "EXPLORED" AT LAST ! This building had several different medical purposes over the years.. The former hospital ,originally built as a pre-war convalescent home, was last used for non-residential...
  13. LochlanMcIverPhotography

    Report - Rosslynlee Hospital, Roslin - Oct 2020

    Short wee visit to the hospital.
  14. CBT699

    Information - Soviet Hospital

    New to this site first post... Visit a Hospital over in Germany before the pandemic.
  15. Reesree

    Report - St George's Asylum, Morpeth - May 2014

    Explored a couple of years ago so pics aren't recent. Hospital Name: St. George’s Hospital Previous Names: Northumberland County Asylum, Morpeth Asylum, Northumberland County Mental Hospital Location: Morpeth, Northumberland Status: Disused, Mostly demolished Opened: 16th March 1859 Closed...
  16. VDUBJack

    Question - Southlands Hospital Shoreham-by-Sea

    Hey Peeps, I won’t be making another thread like this because I feel like they block up the good stuff however... does anyone have any photos from southlands hospital and I mean in the actual wards not in the out buildings I mean the main one. Half the building was still in use I believe it was...
  17. Hypnomoomin

    Report - East Fortune Hospital, East Lothian - July 2020

    Hi, new here but had a love for exploring for a good few years now. Hope this first report is ok. Have tried to include everything I can think of and not too pic heavy I hope. Thanks A little about the hospital In 1922 several buildings and an area of land were used to create East Fortune...
  18. Watto.1991

    Small pocks hospital

    Not too sure on the information about this all I know is that is was a home for the carers of small pocks and the children had to wave goodbye at the gates parants wasn't even allowed in. It's in Leeds, if you go you do get complaints but we spoken well and they was fine with it.
  19. Zoemilly

    Report - Wesham Hospital Rehabilitation Unit, Lancashire - July 2020

    So, Sunday night. Spent all day being a slob on COD, decided after tea I should probably sort my life out and get off the sofa. What to do? Oh yeah! My other hobby let’s go exploring. SQUAD ASSEMBLE! Visited with @Mat Joyce and 2 none members. History Can’t find much history online, so if...
  20. A

    Looking for fellow explorers to collaborate with

    Hello guys please be nice lol I’ve been exploring since 2018 I’ve done some cool places but I’m looking for new people to explore with yes I am what you call a YouTube goon but I do love photography and documented old abandoned places of course I’d prefer if you also do filming and of course...