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    Lead or Rumour info - Rochester Underground Hospital

    I am interested in this underground hospital .. I can't find too much information on it and am unsure if A) it actually exists and B) if it's assessable. If it does exist am sure it won't take too long to figure out a way in (if it's possible). Does anyone have any information on it and whom...
  2. Berserker

    Report - Hamilton Lodge, Colchester - October 2023

    THE HISTORY: The care home, Hamilton Lodge, was one that catered towards people with learning disabilities, mental-related issues, and the elderly. Established in 1942 and undergoing a refurbishment along the way, Hamilton Lodge could house up to 34 people on its 18 acres of land. Selbourne...

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff - Aug 2023

  4. merryprankster

    Report - Surrey County Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Tooting - November 2019

    Had slayaa round for pizza last night and we were chatting about how long it had been since id done a report., then tonight was having a hard drive/sd card sort and found some pics from an explore me and the mrs went on with @The_Raw so thought fook it might aswell throw them up. I know its...
  5. fastchrisuk

    Report - Rauceby Hospital, Quarrington - June 2023

    Yesterday we visited Rauceby Asylum in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. I'd never been before and on our tour of urbex sites around Lincolnshire, this place was at the top of the "to do" list. Rauceby Hospital, also known as Kesteven County Asylum, is a long since closed mental institution in Sleaford...
  6. dansgas1000

    Report - Thorpe St Andrew Asylum Nurses Block, Norfolk - October 2022

    Introduction This is a place I have known for many years, and I always used to drive past thinking I’d never get in there, as it’s alarmed and there are no boards or smashed windows, etc, but after seeing it pop up on FB and also Mikeymutt giving it a go, me and v50jake managed to get it done...
  7. GRONK

    Report - St Joseph's Orphanage/Mount Street Hospital, Preston - February 2023

    February 2023 The Visit Visited over two days with @stranton and @coolboyslim on the first and solo on the second, I wouldn't normally post something up in this condition but who doesn't like a bit of St Joe's? Got to be honest I've been after this one since at least 2014 and have visited the...
  8. Wastelandr

    Report - Heatherwood Hospital, Surrey - Dec 2022

    The History This hospital emerged on the site of a Victorian property, Heatherfield, which eventually became Heatherwood. Who knows, maybe somebody planted a load of trees. The estate was put up for sale at the turn of the twentieth century before becoming acquired by the United Services Fund...
  9. MK83

    Report - Ormskirk Dispensary and Cottage Hospital, Ormskirk - October 2022

    We visited this place a couple of months ago but it was being posted everywhere so left it a couple of months. The tile room was the big attraction for most people but I quite liked the rest of the place, mainly the early morning lighting in the empty corridors and some of the odd staircases and...
  10. DE-eVOLVED


    THE CHAPPEL & CRYPT Nazareth House (Milton Hall) : Southend-on-Sea "Milton Hall, which is now known as 'Nazareth House', was formerly the manor house of the Manor of Milton and owned by the Priory of Holy Trinity, Canterbury. The Manor was undoubtedly held by...
  11. Wastelandr

    Report - Sutton Hospital, Surrey - October 2022

    I've got so many places to post but at this rate I seem to get round to about two a year. Particularly pleased with the photographs from a few of them so I will try and get those up first. This is an example of one of those places that's generally a bit rubbish but with a few photogenic angles...
  12. P

    Report - St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Preston - May 2022

    07/05/2022 Very surreal experience visiting St. Joseph’s Orphanage. Best get there quick if it’s on your to do list because part of it is being demolished soon. Just a heads up the local youths like to hang out in there and smash things up during the day. The way in is just diagonal from the...
  13. A

    Report - Robertson House/Treloar Hospital, Hampshire - March 2022

    The History This hospital was founded in 1901 for sick and wounded soldiers returning from the Boer War. It was originally called the Princess Louise Hospital. When the hospital was finally ready for use, the war had ended. The Royal Army Medical Corps still used the hospital up until 1905. Sir...
  14. UrbexBee20

    Report - Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Hampshire – November 2021

    History of Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital – Hampshire – November 2021 This hospital was called the Princess Louise Hospital in 1901 which was founded by public subscription for sick and wounded soldiers returning from the Boer War. The hospital can be found on Chawton Park Road, to the east of...
  15. Jamie221094

    Report - Belvoir Park Hospital, Belfast - Nov 21

    Was just a quick visit to belvoir park hospital so didn't get much photos hopefully stay longer at next visit little bit about the site opened as the Purdysburn Fever Hospital in 1906. The facility became known as Montgomery House in 1953 and it then became Belvoir Park Hospital in the 1960s...
  16. GRONK

    Report - Seacroft Hospital, Leeds - July 2021

    July 2021 I visited this one with @coolboyslim and @stranton whilst we were in the area, we had no particular plans to visit the Hospital but someone shouted up as we passed it so we pulled over and had a look. Seacroft Hospital came into existence as a result of the nearby St James's Hospital...
  17. Jharg

    Report - Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore - April 2021

    Done many times but I’m fairly new to this so fairly straightforward to get into for somewhat beginners. Went to the Zachary Merton ward at the royal national orthopaedic hospital over in Stanmore.closed in the 80s and pretty destroyed, still some files and paperwork lying about but not a huge...
  18. K

    Report - East Fortune Hospital, June 2021

    Fantastic wee hospital! The place was built in 1922 and at the outbreak of WW2 assisted the RAF base nearby. After the war it converted to a tuberculosis sanitorium but as cases of TB in Scotland started to drop it was decided to be used as a clinic to help the mentally handicapped from the mid...
  19. A

    Report - Thorpe St. Andrew's Hospital, Norwich - June 2021

    Aaaaaagh! First Report Time! - Please leave some constructive criticism for me! - Also, please correct me if I have any information incorrect! History The original hospital building, opened in 1814, was designed by Francis Stone. In 1849, John Brown designed and built the wings to the ward...
  20. Katie Jaydee

    Report - Waterfall Sanatorium - Australia - October 2017

    Waterfall Sanatorium / aka Garrawarra Centre / aka abandoned Helensburgh Hospital History The history of the Waterfall Sanatorium is a creepy one. The hospital was opened in 1909, used as a quarantine facility for tuberculosis, which ravaged Australia at the turn of the century. With no cure...