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Report - Seacroft Hospital, Leeds - July 2021


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July 2021

I visited this one with @coolboyslim and @stranton whilst we were in the area, we had no particular plans to visit the Hospital but someone shouted up as we passed it so we pulled over and had a look. Seacroft Hospital came into existence as a result of the nearby St James's Hospital becoming overwhelmed with infectious patients which lead to the city purchasing the 42 hectare Seacroft Estate for £12,000. The secluded location (at the time) suited their requirements perfectly, the hospital was constructed and opened in 1904 with a capacity of 482. Management of the hospital was handed to the NHS in 1948 as a result of the National Health Service Act (1946), a lot of the original hospital buildings were demolished in 2008 as they had become costly to maintain. The hospital is still functioning in newer modern buildings to the west of the site, whilst housing developers slowly take over the redundant land.

The admin building is now in a very poor state with signs of both copper fairies and water ingress, the impressive clock tower still stand infant dominating the skyline thankfully the developer plans to retain this as part of the new development. We spent a good hour in the building with only one near miss with Secca who we watched cautiously from one of the windows. As building work on the site progresses more and more the admin buildings days are certainly numbered.


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Cheers for looking :thumb
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Always great to see, nicely photographed. So glad the clock tower is in their plans.


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Yep deffo worth a look this was. That clock tower was funny the amount of metal on that door etc. Ether way was fun. Great pics great report. @Lavino nice too see you on hear matey been a while :thumb


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Yeah not been doing exploring.just mostly looking at reports now. Good to see your still getting out.


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I went there today and it is still there incase anyone was wondering, very easy entrance at the front of the building facing away from the clock tower, door is unlocked and just needs a push


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Was there last night. It’s now in the middle of a building site. Message me if you’re after a easy way in. Was good look around eerie but cool. No chance anyone get up the clock tower without 1. Making a real loud noise 2. Breaking a lot of stuff


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