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  1. JaffaTB

    Report - Dalton Grange, Huddersfield, Oct 2022

    History Copied from another thread (thanks OP) Dalton Grange stands on or near the site of a house which, in 1854, was called View Cottage and which, in the early 19th Century must indeed have had a splendid view northeast over the lush water-meadows of the Colne to the wooded hillside of the...
  2. ALW Research Team

    Hillhouse Railway Coal Chutes

    These are known as the Hillhouse coal drops, built in 1900 by the London & North Western Railway, as an interface between the Main Railway Network and a local tramway. Situated on Alder St, Huddersfield. On top were the Hillhouse sidings seen in the drone photographs, where railway wagons were...
  3. Pixels

    Report - Dawson Fabrics, Huddersfield - March 2018

    Greenside Mill was built in 1770 by William Marsden. He acquired Richard Field as an apprentice who later went on to marry Marsden's daughter, and by 1830 was in full control at Greenside. Marsden had previously bought some land which had a stream running through, suitable for damming to form a...
  4. jaws

    Report - Dobroyd Mill - Jackson Bridge (July 2019/January 2020)

    After re-visiting a few days ago and making a preset for my photos that I was happy with, I've decided that I should probably get on with posting a report as that's usually what I have in mind when I go to take these kind of photos. History I'll keep this brief as it has been done many times...
  5. Wappy

    Report - Crown House, Huddersfield, September 2019

    Crown house has done well so far as most of the other building in the close area have been demo`d ie, sports center and block of flats. Iam near sure this will suffer the same fate. Crown House comprises a ten storey purpose built office block constructed in the 1970s being accessed from a...
  6. DenBickinson

    Report - Dobroyd Mills, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - 03/09/2019

    Very Brief History: Originally built in 1829 as a mill. Dobroyd Ltd was founded within the mill in 1919. The mill then closed in 1974. It then re-opened in 1976 under John Woodhead Ltd spinners. Until recent years it housed several small almost 'pop-up' businesses (pictured) including a classic...
  7. RobbRae

    Report - Westwood mill - Huddersfield

    So yesterday morning I woke up with no idea that I'd be doing my first urban exploration that night. Whilst I've fancied having a go at it for many years now, i didn't think I had the nerve. My brother sent me a video of an abandoned army asylum in america and said we should do something like...
  8. Provingdemons

    Report - Storthes hall asylum, Huddersfield, july 2018

  9. Provingdemons

    Report - Cellars Clough Mill, Marsden, June 2018

    A fascinating site, located in Marsden, I really enjoyed walking through this cotton mill, believed to be shut in the 80's. The amount of bat's here was incredible, they flew around you in big packs like watching a flock of birds. Overall not much is originally left anymore except a few bits...