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  1. UkMorlin

    Report - Yalding Agrochemical Laboratory - Update - Nov 2019

    So i wanted to create a new post instead of updating the old one so all of you get to see its glory ;) There are now 3 buildings left on the site and i have gotten into all of them, there are two attached to each other, one is a smaller loading bay which is a pain to access (this includes...
  2. UkMorlin

    Report - Yalding Agrochemical Laboratory - Kent - Sept 2019

    Hello, my name is Will, i am a 16 year old from the South Eaast of England. There is literally nothing online about this place, i have spent hours trying to find details. I know that this place was an agrochemical laboratory owned by a sweedish company called syngenta. It closed down in late...