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  1. MK83

    Report - Pilkington glass hq canteen - St Helens, Merseyside - March 2024

    This former canteen sits on the site of the purpose-built former Headquarters site for Pilkingtons glass and was built between 1959-63 by Edwin Maxwell Fry of Fry, Drew and Partners. The whole site is grade 2 listed, the listing states; Architectural interest: it is one of the earliest and...
  2. moldandasbestos

    Lead or Rumour info - Merseyside Police HQ

    Anyone heard anything about this? Rumours that someone posted it on TikTok but I cant find the video anywhere Here is a maps pin click this
  3. MK83

    Report - St Lukes War Memorial Hall - Wallasey, Merseyside - Feb 2024

    The memorial hall is situated next to St Luke’s Church and was built in 1926 in memory of 250 soldiers from Poulton who lost their lives in the First World War. A bereaved mother and widow, Mary Bennet of 15 Cedar Grove, Poulton laid the foundation stone next to the memorial hall entrance which...
  4. GRONK

    Report - Wellington Rooms (Irish Centre), Liverpool - July 2017

    July 2017 The Visit Explored this hidden gem with @stranton and @coolboyslim, another one from my list of forgot to post threads (possibly because of its short lived time on the tourbus). During our Merseyside expedition, we decided to pay a visit to this place and ended up spending a...
  5. dansgas1000

    Report - Greenbank Synagogue, Liverpool - May 2023

    Introduction This was one of many places me and Jake wanted to do on our recent trip to Merseyside. It’s been posted numerous times in the past including by Jake a few months back, but I thought I’d post my stance on it aswell as I really liked the place. Reports on here date back to almost a...
  6. dansgas1000

    Report - Pilkington Headquarters Canteen, St. Helens - May 2023

    Introduction Another from mine and Jake’s Merseyside trip. I love the modernist and minimalist interior of this site so I was excited to visit. We also did Pilkington’s old sandwash plant, my recent report of this can be found here if of interest. Company History & Information This is one of...
  7. MK83

    Report - Clarence High School - Formby - January 2023

    History - The school was originally built in 1885 as St Annes Industrial School for girls, a residential school run by sister Cecile Robinson and nine sisters of charity. The girls were expected to do knitting, laundry, cookery and needlework as well as general housework on top of their lessons...
  8. SuspiciousFox

    Report - Christ church, Weston Point, Runcorn , July 2022

    Some brief history Christ Church is located out on the docks of Weston, overlooking the River Mersey. It’s construction was completed in 1841 making it 181 years old! It was built as the result of a 1839 petition from dock workers to be allowed to have Sunday off as sabbath (a Christian day of...
  9. FKL770

    Report - St Gabriel's Covent / Knolle Park Children's Home - Liverpool, Merseyside - June 2022

    INTRODUCTION This explore was totally unplanned. I was a little bored so I decided to go to strawberry fields to see what its like so I got the bus down walked down to it (on the way noticing an open construction site gate) and then realised that it pretty much isn't a thing any more it has been...
  10. FKL770

    Report - Waterloo-Victoria Tunnel Explore. Liverpool, Merseyside - May 2022

    INTRODUCTION I was with a friend. we entered the area where the entrance of the tunnel is and we waited for a carpark to close so we could jump the fence and get into the tunnel. In the meantime we decided to explore another nearby abandoned building (some type of warehouse) on going into the...
  11. FKL770

    Report - Bromborough Central Power Station - Wirral, Merseyside - 9th of May 2022.

    After not being able to find an easy entrance at the front gates of the site and due to some fella in a Mercedes having a kip at the gates i decided to get in via the Mersey. I got onto the banks of the river further down and walked my way up to the power station, clambering over sewage overflow...
  12. reisskerr

    Report - Birkenhead Railway Tunnel

    Nothing too exciting… I’d heard of some railway tracks and decided to check them out. Lots of overgrowth, graffiti and lots of fly tipping, so not many photo opportunities. Part of the old railway tracks on the wirral side of merseyrail, this specific part being underneath birkenhead by the...
  13. GRONK

    Report - Dale Street Magistrates Court, Liverpool - October 2021

    October 2021 The Visit Visited on two occasions, the first was a nighttime visit with @stranton and @coolboyslim and the second was a solo visit on a wet weekday morning. The building is huge and I could have easily spent double the amount of time I did in there. It appears to have been left...
  14. MK83

    Report - Woolton Hall - Liverpool - May 2021 - Permission visit

    We've wanted a look at this for a while and with us having our lad with us today we thought this would be a good one to take him too. The caretaker is more than happy to let people explore it so we armed our lad with our old bridge camera so he could get involved and went for a mooch. It's...
  15. MK83

    Report - Pinetops Health Club and Spa - Formby - September 2020

    Explored this ages ago but never got round to posting it. Been covered on here loads. History - Not much history on this place. It was popular with local footballers from Merseyside and was damaged in an arson attack in 2009. It closed in 2015 due to maintenance costs on the roof. Explore -...
  16. MK83

    Report - Merseyside Deaf Institute, Liverpool - October 2020

    This place has been done loads of times on here but we liked the look of the chapel so decided to check it out. History - In May 1864 the Liverpool Adult Deaf and Dumb Benevolent Society was established. It was founded by George Healey, a Deaf man. He set up the Society initially to give Deaf...
  17. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Liverpool Factorys - September 2018

    My friend and I were up in Liverpool visiting a friend who had recently moved up there and went for a stroll along the docks. Not entirely sure if the warehouses are complelty abandoned but from what I could see they were empty and unoccupied. Due to nearby construction workers we could not gain...
  18. F

    Report - Birkenhead Dock Branch Line and Haymarket Tunnel, Wirral- June 2020

    The History: The Birkenhead Dock Branch is a disused railway line which runs for about four and a half miles between the South Junction of Rockferry to around Bidston Dock, as part of the Chester and Birkenhead Railway. Some of the line runs through Haymarket tunnel and there was a level...
  19. F

    Report - Littlewoods Air Raid Shelter, Liverpool- July 2020

    The History: This air raid shelter was built before World War Two for the workers of the nearby Littlewoods Pools building. Several entrances were available for the staff. The factory building itself was used for several purposes during the war, including printing National Registration forms...
  20. C

    Information - Bidston Hill, Wirral - Mill, Observatory & Lighthouse - Feb 2020

    I made my way to Bidston Hill yesterday on the recommendation of a report I saw on here. What a gorgeous place! The whole land was bought on the condition that it would be kept for public use and enjoyment, which is upheld today. The buildings date from the 1800s. No interior exploration as the...