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  1. WExploreNorthEast

    Report - Ponteland Royal Observer Corps - July 2020

    Despite many successful and failed explorations under our belts collectively, this is our first post on this forum. Over the summer we have discovered the world of Urban Exploration after stumbling upon an abandoned football pitch in Washington one afternoon. Since then, our thirst for...
  2. I

    Report - Ammunition Depot

    We found this old abandoned ammunition depot in Brasside, Durham, Near Frankland prison. It was a ministry of supply ammunition depot for new ammunition and bulk explosives for the Royal Ordnance Factories during World War ll. It was pretty cool, lots to explore! There was a lot of old farming...
  3. E

    Report - Pendower Hall, Newcastle - March 2020

    This one wasn't as interesting as I hoped unfortunately, as I caught it a little too late in the redevelopment stage so all the fun was stripped out. Funnily enough their cameras and fancy security system were following my movement the entire time and a police station was a two minute walk away...
  4. GRONK

    Report - Loomer Road Stadium, Newcastle Under Lyme - December 2019

    December 2019 The Visit Visited with @Choo Choo m8ty. I've had this one on the radar since its impending closure popped up on Facebook a few months ago, the stadium occupies roughly a 5.8 hectare site which includes several buildings, the main stand isn't currently accessible however many of...
  5. Hvdes

    Report - Wardley Colliery / The Zone, Newcastle - May 2019

    This is one of my older searches and low and behold the one day we chose to find this the weather gave us absolute hell. Anyway sometime last march me and my group went out on search for this colliery which used to be a indoor paintball arena as well if i remember correctly and its hidden just...
  6. lucyconnolly13

    Report - Abandoned Police Headquarters Newcastle - April 2018

    Hey guys, just wanted to share some cool photos I took from an explore of an abandoned police station located in the North East of England from April/May this year. FYI (I was granted special permission to explore this site, the site has now been bought and is under construction and is...
  7. Emil

    Report - Wardley Colliery / The Zone - Newcastle - September 2018

    History This was an old Colliery (as suggested by the name), but it only started mining coal in 1871, after being purchased by somebody beforehand. I couldn't find any information on that. It was then later closed in 1911 as it was replaced by another Colliery (Follingsby Colliery). A little...
  8. S

    Report - Greenesfield Works (ochre yards) gateshead

    Me and my friend decided to do some exploring in the general Newcastle/ Gateshead area and we found this abandoned factory on the Gateshead side of the river to the right of the Hilton hotel. I did some research into it and found out that it used to be a factory for locomotive engines until 1910...
  9. Provingdemons

    Report - Blaydon ciu, Gateshead, April 2018

    Was on a trip upto Scotland, while stopped at a red light I noticed this abandoned club to my left so I had to see if I could explore it. Sure enough I found an entrance and was happy to take some snaps for a report! Honestly I don't know a thing about this place, but it had some cool pieces...
  10. GRONK

    Report - Zanzibar, Newcastle Under Lyme - July 2015

    New Find on 28DL Zanzibar was a large night club 'Super Club' located near Newcastle Under Lyme town centre. The building is a former ballroom and music venue, There isn't much history on this place, other then over the last few years there has been many rumours that the club is to reopen (But...