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  1. Doug Judy

    Report - Kelmarsh Up & Dn Tunnels, Northamptonshire. July 2020.

    Kelmarsh Up & Dwn Tunnels 520yards. The Kelmarsh Tunnels are situated on the LNWR’s Northampton to Market Harborough line now the Brampton Valley Way multi user path, Originally a single line the “Down” line tunnels were constructed in 1856 - 1859 the single line was forced to penetrate the...
  2. Travelshareblog

    Report - The Avoca, Northants - 31st May 2020

    Having seen this place over the years and looking at buying a car there years ago I always wanted to have a look around when it closed down as there were so many cars left behind. Now the land is flattened and only the house and it's grounds remain, with some old cars, but not for long! The new...
  3. Rgfx486

    Information - Overstone Hall, Northamptonshire

    Hi all. We went to Overstone Hall in Northamptonshire on Sunday (2/02/2020) after seeing various decent and interesting reports. However, I am posting this to let anyone who is thinking about going to pretty much not bother. Your not getting in and even if you did you would get caught almost...
  4. U

    Information - High Stuffer BAITING: conquest request!

    Heres a request and a post to bait those who seek new challenges to get something I am interested in investigated close up. I have found a site which seems to have no reference here or in Subbrit. Its an estimated 200ft high redundant radio mast which looks to have a ladder all the way up...
  5. K

    Lead or Rumour info - New to Leicestershire

    Hey guys I’ve just recently moved to Leicestershire (Market Harborough) and was wondering about what interesting abandoned places there are close by? Leicestershire/Northamptonshire area. I visited st crispens a few years ago, which was amazing. Maybe the coolest place I’ve been. But i seen a...
  6. ClimbingA3


    Hi all, Brand new on here and I'm 18yo male and can drive. Been exploring a couple times before with a few mates but want to start doing more and more frequently. Always up for an adventure and always up for climbing structures too. Plus I'm always looking for some killer photo opportunities so...
  7. KerzyUrbex

    East Midlands Explorers

    Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to this site and wanted to say hey. I was hoping to meet some likeminded people in the East Midlands that are up for some group explores. I spend my time between Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Derbyshire. I drive so I'm up for travel. Would be awesome to...