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  1. ButtrDog

    Report - Nottingham College Clarendon Campus - May 2022

    Clarendon Campus is one of many of Nottingham College's campuses. Opening in ~1960; the college offered vocational courses, apprenticeships and higher education courses in partnership with NTU. Finally shutting down in 2020. This site is currently undergoing demolition in place of a new High...
  2. m4dd13z666

    Report - Peel Street Air Raid / Rouses Sand Mine - Nottingham - January 2022.

    The History: Rouse's Sandmine off Mansfield Road was created between around 1780 and 1810 and has many fascinating original features created by James Rouse, as well as its later uses as a Victorian and early 20th century tourist attraction, and Second World War air raid shelter. Nicknamed the...
  3. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Martin B-26 Marauder - RAF Long Marsden - September 2018

    I was hoping to explore the rest of RAF Long Marsden but we ran into a few builders, we asked if it was okay for us to go and have a look at the Martin B-26 Marauder and they agreed as long as we stayed in sight. If anyone could tell me some information about this plane I would be very grateful...
  4. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Newton and International Police and Search Dog Training Centre - November 2018

    History: RAF Newton is a former Royal Air Force station located 7 miles east of Nottingham and was built in 1939. It was used briefly as a bomber base for squadrons to re-equip after the Battle of France and then as a flying training school during the Second World War and beyond until 2000 when...
  5. P

    Report - Abandoned train tunnel

    1132 yards long. So I went to an old abandoned train tunnel with tonight, it was amazing but I was way too spooked to finish it! If anyone in the Notts area area ever wants to take a look and doesn’t mind the company me and my boyfriend would love to join you!
  6. J

    Anywhere in Notts / Nottingham City or around?

    Hi posted before, just wondering if anyone knows anywhere within walking distance of Nottingham City? Not interested in going down man holes this weekend but any buildings or other caves / caverns would be amazing! Going this Saturday so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  7. A

    Hey I'm new in Nottingham

    Hi, obviously I'm new to both this site and urbex, I want to get into the activity but don't really know where to start, I'm 15 so probably a bit young but if anyone has any tips to help me get started, especially people from Nottingham I would really appreciate it, Thanks
  8. P

    Question - Wollaton hall tunnel?

    Hi i was in the doctors not long ago and this old man was talking about a tunnel from the old grange farm which was located on the current site of grange farm medical centre, he said the tunnel was located in the scouts fenced off area and runs from there to wollaton hall and was used supposedly...
  9. T

    Nottinghamshire / Nottingham / Derby / Derbyshire

    Hello, I am a professional photographer who has recently stemmed out from portrait work into looking into abandoned urbex work. Is there anyone that can help suggest places from Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire? Struggling to find sites