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Question - Hey I'm new in Nottingham


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Hi, obviously I'm new to both this site and urbex, I want to get into the activity but don't really know where to start, I'm 15 so probably a bit young but if anyone has any tips to help me get started, especially people from Nottingham I would really appreciate it,


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Welcome to 28. Have a look at these threads, hopefully they’ll show you how things work here.



To find places, besides the search box on here you could try some of this list out, that's some of the ways it's usually done

Architects websites
Architectural news websites
Arrse (Army rumours forum)
basejumper . Com (a nice 2 way relationship – we both feed each other info at times)
Bing maps
Building company websites
Buildings at risk register
Charities Commission
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Companies house
Crown Estates
Demolition company websites
Derp /Subbrit /flickr/ photobucket/deviant art (etc. etc. )
e-goat (RAF rumours forum)
Ebay - maps, plans, deeds, historical paperwork, post cards, etc.
English Heritage (and it's Scottish/Welsh equivalents)
English Nature
Estate agents
Freedom of Information act requests
geograph (org .uk)
Good old leg work/looking around
Google earth
Graffiti forums (I'll not list them, but there are a few out there)
Keeping your ears open (found a cracking explore from an overheard conversation in a hospital lift once)
Letterboxing websites/forums
Local archaeological societies
Local authority planning applications
Local Fire service websites (where have the local chavs been trying to torch?)
Local historical societies
Local knowledge (ask around)
Local library
Local museum
Local papers
Local Police website (where have they been to catch pikeys?)
Local TV news
National library
National Trust
navy-net (Navy rumours forum)
Ordinance survey maps (new)
Ordinance survey maps (old)
Photo library collections (Frith etc.)
police999 . com
policeoracle . com
The National archives
ukpoliceonline .co . uk
What do they know? website
Where' s the path? website


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Thanks yorrik, this is really helpful as I didn't even think about using any of those sources to find sites.


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Should I call you Sparrowhawk until I know you better?
Having given away his true name it's a bit late for that. Classic series of books and I'm sort of surprised to see the names used nowadays!
Think I might change to Prince Corwin.

Back to reality for a moment. Welcome to 28DL and the hobby. Is 15 a bit young? I don't think so. Possibly not wise mentioning your age but it's too late now.
Plenty of info in @Yorrick s reply above but if you have questions you'll find most people are helpful - remember what it says in those posts linked above though ;)

Good luck with your searching and look forward to seeing some reports from you in the future.
Stay safe.

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Having given away his true name it's a bit late for that. Classic series of books and I'm sort of surprised to see the names used nowadays!
Think I might change to Prince Corwin.
Yeah its a toss up between Ursula Le Guin and Rosemary Sutcliffe for my favourite childhood books.

What I wouldnt give to have a mooch around the Tombs of Atuan...

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