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office block

  1. zozza

    Report - Pitstone, Buckinghamshire - Disused Office

    This place has been sitting unused for the last 2-3 years amongst various other used industrial buildings, research shows it was just an average run of the mill office block and for whatever reason the company decided to move elsewhere. Seen online that redevelopment was supposed to have started...
  2. M

    Lead or Rumour info - Ex Kouni HQ offices (Deepdene on site)

    Was driving past and took a wander. A lot of other people walking around the site peering in windows and doors. here are a few exterior phones shots. Gated Access road and the usual "Police dogs sign" Sign Reception Other block Inside through window Rear door Area 51 Caretakers...
  3. pigeonboy

    Report - Farringdon House - East Grinstead - Febuary 2018

    Farringdon House Ever since I started exploring I've been dying to see an office block, I knew from Gromrs report that this would be somewhat intrest lacking, and although that was true in the end, it was still nice to see the skeletal remains of this site. Still on the lookout for a proper...