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  1. Citystrider

    Oxfordshire based - New Explorer

    From Oxfordshire but willing to travel to meet up with other members. Used to live in London for many years. I often visit Japan and wanted to start documenting. Looking as much advise as possible for equipment etc. Can only use public transport at present.
  2. KerzyUrbex

    East Midlands Explorers

    Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to this site and wanted to say hey. I was hoping to meet some likeminded people in the East Midlands that are up for some group explores. I spend my time between Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Derbyshire. I drive so I'm up for travel. Would be awesome to...
  3. mattyjcooper

    Report - Nielsen house Oxfordshire. Too rotten. July 2018

    I'm abit disapointed guys havent found a previous report anywhere, has anyone been?? Been sat derelict for 15 years! I found some paperwork dated 2003. This building is in the grounds of the Nielson company, presumably they bought "Nielsen house" and built offices on the land. Seems they used...
  4. mattyjcooper

    Report - Ilam house Oxfordshire. July 2018

    Hi guys my first report, apologies if it's been done but couldnt find another. Only a basic report as it's a basic shell of a mansion as it was last used for offices. It was originally built as a residential mansion in the 18th century. One websites says around 1720 but then was converted into...
  5. TudgeJ

    Report - Leafield Technical Centre, Oxfordshire

    It's about time I wrote a report for my favourite abandoned location, the Leafield Technical Centre in Oxfordshire. Many urban explorers have branded this place one of the largest abandoned places in Britain, and it's hard to argue with that viewpoint once you properly take a look around. This...
  6. Serenity4

    Report - Hare Manor Hotel-Oxfordshire UK-July 2018

    Hare Manor Hotel Our Visit: After an unsuccessful explore earlier in the day at our first intended location, getting kicked out by a grumpy old groundskeeper we decided to head back to a site we spotted on the drive up. We hadn't noticed any reports before so we were hoping it would be fresh...
  7. Faith Roswell

    Report - Pumping station(?) in Oxfordshire

    MORE OF A MINI-REPORT. I ended up here by accident- I was supposed to be at a quarry that got knocked down (I posted about it as "The One That Got Away") :) My friend saved the day by directing me to another abandoned site in Oxfordshire. It's completely hidden from the road and I wouldn't have...
  8. AlexPerkins

    Report - Caterham F1 Headquarters

    So on Saturday decided to take a trip to the Caterham f1 HQ, it has been closed since 2014 I believe, due to the F1 team going into administration, It sits on a 28 acre site with fairly easy access. The Explore: So it took us a while to find an entrance, I didn't fancy climbing onto a roof in...