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  1. tobytron

    Question - Anyone ever been taken to court over Civil trespass?

    I am mostly unworried about being prosecuted for any explores i do as long as i don't "break or take"anything. This is echoed by almost every urbex resource i could find but my family, particularly my dad is concerned about possible legal ramifications. Anyone have any stories about police...
  2. KyroRetnik

    Report (Permission Visit) RAF Sculthorpe MoD Police building - 18.04.23

    Afternoon, not sure if this is worthy of a post or not but here goes. Being a local and a regular visitor to the site, I noticed on my last visit that the gate to the police building was open, and that a car was in there. Spoke to the person who was friendly and gave me permission to go and...

    Report (Permission Visit) Shoeburyness Police Station, Jan 2022

    ESSEX POLICE STATION & ESSEX COUNTY : FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE : STATION 42 - Shoeburyness. JAN 2022 Over the years this building has transformed from councilors office, doctors surgery, Fire & Police station. The building is currently undergoing a refurb. The work that was delayed to...
  4. anulbuttmonkey


    Saw this a few days ago from @Thatsnotme91 's post on the high stuff forum decided to send tower solo and mission success #confetti #yay sent for sunset around 7pm climb up was painful climb down too :banghead I know as far as the previous post did, All pictures are taken on my iphone 6s Im...
  5. WilsonTheHuman

    Police Training Academy - St Albans, Hertfordshire, August 2019

    This is a spot I've had on my radar for a while now but not got around to going to. Went to this the same day my friends were up here so we decided to scoot over to it to have a look. There is nothing I can find anywhere about this place, but it seems a hotspot for local kids as we encountered...
  6. T

    Report - Eastleigh police station - Eastleigh -March 19

    Eastleigh police station was built in 1924 and finally closed in March 2019. I cant find anymore history and the explore was not much longer than that report. After missing out on some other local stations we went in as soon as access was available but it had been partly stripped within a...
  7. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    Old Brentwood Police Station

    Tried this place at night a few weeks ago but didn’t have the nerve to go in but felt like we had to go back. Went back during the day and I’m so glad we did! Such an interesting place to explore, most of the building is well lit but some other parts like the cells were in complete darkness...
  8. lucyconnolly13

    Report - Abandoned Police Headquarters Newcastle - April 2018

    Hey guys, just wanted to share some cool photos I took from an explore of an abandoned police station located in the North East of England from April/May this year. FYI (I was granted special permission to explore this site, the site has now been bought and is under construction and is...
  9. PerryGoesPlaces

    Report - Brentwood Police Station and Magistrates Court, Essex - August 2018

    Me and @Smiffyboi explored the abandoned police station in Brentwood little over a week ago, we had been told the site had 24/7 security with frequent police patrols but on the day we went we didn't encounter a single person for the 3 hours we spent there. The History The Police Station was...
  10. Serenity4

    Report - Food Research Facility Surrey-July 2018

    Food Research Facility Our Visit: After a long evening of searching for sites to visit online we eventually found this place, so decided to head over the following morning and take a look. We didn't know what to expect or if we could even gain access. The building is well secured so it took us...