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  1. R

    Report - Stamford bridge ROC - now buried. December 2022

    6 friends and I went to this particular bunker, knowing that the last report was in 2007, and it was in poor condition even then. It appears like a farmer has piled dirt on top of the entrance and all that's left is the air vent. History: Opened 1964 and closed in 1968. Here's the general...
  2. thelostmores

    Report - Royal Observer Corps Cold War bunker 15.08.20

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and already, it’s been great reading through pages of history and finding a few more amazing local spots to journey to in the future. I’ve been into urbex and the concept of abandoned buildings since I was a small child but I’ve never really consciously searched for...
  3. cookbook-enthusiast

    Report - Westleton ROC

    Nestled in a hedgerow in Westleton is this delicious ROC bunker, built in 1958 and used until 1991. It was locked for a long time - likely why it is in such good condition for a bunker - but has been unlocked since 2016. Me and the boys gave it a cheeky visit in June 2021, heaving open this big...
  4. the_lost_grog


    This is a shorter report than the former reports on the Sowerby Bridge R.O.C Post. Since June 2018 (the date of the last report) the post has been devastated by vandalism. The main room has had all of the panels ripped off the walls and ceilings. The Royal Observer Corps sign has been ripped...

    Video - Melbourne ROC post

    Melbourne Royal Observer Corps Bunker I live within a stone's throw of this place and didn't know it was here!! Many of these ROC bunkers still exist but some have been filled in, or capped off by land owners that inherited the bunkers after they were decommissioned ( approx 1990 / 1991 )...
  6. Durhamexplorerz

    Report - Tow law roc post 17/1/21

    We thought we would start with something small we have a couple of reports to put up but see how we get on with this one. This is a roc bunker just on the outskirts of towlaw Co Durham, it is located in a fenced off field with gated access. The hatch was wide open and to our surprise it wasn’t...
  7. Urbex Mole

    Report - ROC Post Cambridgeshire

    I hade never heard of a ROC Post and stumbled on a video of a couple of guys who pretty much only explore these. Its not something I am goibg to go out of my way to find anywhere but definitely worth a visit to one if you can fnd and open one. The last report on this ROC Psot that I can find...
  8. M

    Report - Cawdor ROC Post, Nairnshire/Highlands and Islands - January 2020

    Date of visit: 11/01/2020 Apologies in advance for the possibly awful photos. I don't have a fancy camera, just my phone and this is my first "documented" exploration into something other than a few Pillboxes and abandoned houses.) Information provided by Post opened: 1960 Post...
  9. The Outbursts

    Video Report - ROC BUNKER - Galashiels/Scottish Borders

    Found this on my walk yesterday.