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roc bunker

  1. Durhamexplorerz

    Report - Tow law roc post 17/1/21

    We thought we would start with something small we have a couple of reports to put up but see how we get on with this one. This is a roc bunker just on the outskirts of towlaw Co Durham, it is located in a fenced off field with gated access. The hatch was wide open and to our surprise it wasn’t...
  2. Travelshareblog

    Report - ROC Post Cambridgeshire

    I hade never heard of a ROC Post and stumbled on a video of a couple of guys who pretty much only explore these. Its not something I am goibg to go out of my way to find anywhere but definitely worth a visit to one if you can fnd and open one. The last report on this ROC Psot that I can find...
  3. M

    Report - Cawdor ROC Post, Nairnshire/Highlands and Islands - January 2020

    Date of visit: 11/01/2020 Apologies in advance for the possibly awful photos. I don't have a fancy camera, just my phone and this is my first "documented" exploration into something other than a few Pillboxes and abandoned houses.) Information provided by Subbrit.org Post opened: 1960 Post...
  4. The Outbursts

    Video Report - ROC BUNKER - Galashiels/Scottish Borders

    Found this on my walk yesterday.