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  1. ExplorerCouple101

    Queen Anne Statue, Hastings- March 2020

    This statue of Queen Anne was sculpted by Frances Bird and Sir Christopher Wren, back in 1712. This statue was enveiled on 7th July 1713 at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Ludgate Hill, London. However, moved in 1881 to the current location next to the Conquest Hospital. This is a grade 2 listed...
  2. Urban Ginger Hog

    Report - Water Tower, Dover. June 2020

    Like many people, I've been dying to get back out on a good explore and blow the cobwebs off. Knowing too well that going out on a solo explore over the past 2-months has been a big no no, from both a safety perspective plus the unnecessary strain any cock up would put on our already over...