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  1. T_Explorer

    Report - St Peter's Seminary in Scotland - October 2023

    Hello, Everybody... I hope you are all having a pleasant day. I recently visited St Peter's Seminary in Cardross and did some research on the history of the location. The building opened in 1966 and was known for its modernest/brutalist architectural design. During its years of activity, the...
  2. Crissisdecon

    Report - St Joseph's college - Upholland (Image Heavy + Drone shots)

    History: This place has been covered multiple times and there is a lot of history on google so I don't want to just copy and paste a big stream of text again. as a quick overview St Joseph's College is a former Roman Catholic seminary. The foundation of the large building was laid in April...
  3. RJMmcr

    Report - St Joseph's seminary, Upholland - July 2019

    last week I met two fellow explorers who were not only great guys but also knew their stuff. We ended up trying a site earlier on in the day but that came to an end, so like all good explorers they decided to have this place as a plan B. it didn't disappoint.... St Joseph’s Seminary at...
  4. cathmxo

    Report - St Josephs Seminary - Upholland - 14/06/2019

    St Josephs Seminary was a former Roman Catholic seminary in Upholland, England. The building was built in April 1880 and was opened in 1883. St Joseph's, usually referred to by its students simply as "Up Holland", was one of two main seminaries serving the north of England. Up Holland served...
  5. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - St Joseph's Seminary - Upholland - May 2019

    ST JOSEPH'S SEMINARY: So I explored this place a little while ago, and decided to post my first report in a while because it's been cropping up a bit more recently. This place has been abandoned since 1991, leaving it abandoned for 28 years! This is largely shown in the decay that this place...
  6. danielsmith

    Report - St. Peter's Seminary, Cardoss, Scotland - 2018

    A couple of weeks ago, I went up to Scotland to visit my Brother. He lives in Falkirk, about 23 miles from Edinburgh. Before I went, I looked for any abandoned places I could visit and came across St. Peter's Seminary in Cardross. Luckily it was about an hour's car ride from Falkirk so we...