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Report - St Joseph's Seminary - Upholland - May 2019

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So I explored this place a little while ago, and decided to post my first report in a while because it's been cropping up a bit more recently.
This place has been abandoned since 1991, leaving it abandoned for 28 years! This is largely shown in the decay that this place boasts. Has to be said that this was my favourite explore to date because of the incredible decay and architecture.

So this place had long been held up as a very difficult but amazing place to get into, but with many more people getting in recently, I took the trek up north to check this place out, and it was definitely worth it.
I met @UrbandonedTeam here and we had a good four hours inside, but you could spend an entire day here and not be bored because of the incredible decay everywhere. I looked inside every single room we went past in this place because unlike normal places, every room in this place is different and has some very boastful decay!

The first room we came to was this incredible church. There were tons of small chapels and prayer rooms around the site, but this was the main one, complete with a very grand organ at the end of it and lovely stained glass windows. Unfortunately some cretins have got in here and smashed the benches up a bit, but that's only to be expected unfortunately...

A close up of the incredible organ in this church.

At the back end of the church was a second, smaller prayer area, with a magnificent statue of Jesus at the end.

A really nice room next to the church with an eerie sense to it!

One of my favourite parts of this seminary is this corridor with some next level decay - the floor on the left was actually surprisingly stable for something that looks as if a feather could make it crack!

There was some really nice decay in this room, and I love the pictures dotted around this place like the one on the mantelpiece.

This was another one of the many chapels around this huge site, with minimal decay compared to a lot of rooms.

This is a very famous room that most people will have seen before. The piano featured hasn't shifted position for a very long time, and the decay in this room is really nice - from chipping paint to the mossy floors and holes in the ceiling.

You know I said to look in every room you pass in this place? This is why - hidden gems are everywhere in this place, and again nature is clearly taking over this room with the grass sprouting up out of the floor. Clearly somebody has had a lot of fun ruining the tranquillity of this place with their 99p spray-can, but regardless, you can appreciate the state of natural decay this place is in.

I loved these dormitories, with the growing decay and classic wooden partitions between each bed area. Try to ignore the tasteless decay on the central object :(

Incredibly some of the beds still remained in this section, which really demonstrated the years of decay that this place left behind, and you could almost sense what the seminary must have been like for the hundreds of students this place would have housed and taught.

This classroom was an incredible find, and though it may be set up, the maps and chess set etc all laid out in the place makes it seem as if it were a European find - luckily the vandals hadn't got in here!

And who could forget these infamous statues overlooking the seminary in all its glory. A more gloomy day would have added to the overall feel of this photo but, alas, a faster shutter speed shall have to do ;)

And finally, a photo of @UrbandonedTeam which attempts to show off this incredible building for what it really is.

Thanks for getting this far in the report, let me know what you think so I can improve, as I'd like to begin posting more on here!

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Really nice, love these shots. I was supposed to have been going this weekend but cancelled until it quiets down a bit. Can’t wait to see it though. It’s a good 3.5 hour drive though so we will be spending the whole day lol

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