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  1. Adaminski

    Report - Emborough Quarry - Emborough, Somerset - August 2020

    I didn't have much hope in this explore prior to turning up...wasn't even sure I'd be able to get in at one point - but this one turned out to be a pearler! Probably the best one I have done in a while...but fiiiirst, a little background. HISTORY Emborough Quarry is a dormant quarry and has...
  2. Adaminski

    Report - JF Pearce & Sons - Shepton Mallet, Somerset - July 2020

    I stumbled across this place completely by accident on the way to another site. Worth a little wonder about if you happen to be in the area. History I wouldn't say the history of this site is particularly interesting to be honest. JF Pearce is a haulage company which serves the south and the...
  3. Adaminski

    Report - Fussell's Old Iron Works - Mells, Somerset - July 2020

    I visited this site on the same day as my Westdown Quarry jaunt found here: https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/westdown-quarry-nr-frome-somerset-july-2020.124180/ So I have many of the same issues with the photos which have come out poorly due to a dirty lense. Apologies for that. My phone...
  4. Adaminski

    Report - Westdown Quarry - nr. Frome, Somerset - July 2020

    First report for 28DL, I hope you guys enjoy/find some use of it. Haven't been doing much in the way or Urbex the last year or so and decided to ease myself back in with a nice stress-free explore local(ish) to me. Before we start apologies for the poor picture quality, I only use my phone...
  5. Seffy

    Report (Permission Visit) HMP Shepton Mallet/Cornhill, Shepton Mallet - April 2018

    HMP Shepton Mallet (also known as Cornhill) So this is the first 'permission visit' report I've ever posted. It's not usually my style, but I actually found this really interesting and thought it would be worth sharing some photos from inside the former Shepton Mallet prison. It's open for...
  6. Tyyurbanberkshire

    Report - Birnbeck pier weston super mare31 OCTOBER 2019

    Birnbeck Pier is a pier situated on the Bristol Channel in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, approximately 18 miles (29 km) south-west of Bristol. It is the only pier in the country which links the mainland to an island(Birnbeck Island a 3 acre rocky island just to the west of Worlebury...
  7. S

    Question - South west, Somerset support request (newbie)

    Hey people, Firstly loving the work you all put into this inspiring hobby! I'm no where near as hardcore as most of you hense me posting this but me and friend are looking into maybe roaming around and finding interesting places frozen in history but don't know where to begin. I understand...
  8. SmithySuperior

    Question - High Stuff in Somerset

    Wasup people. Me and my mate have recently got into Urban Exploring last few months and looking for people nearby in the Somerset area to join us on any adventure around the Somerset/Bristol area. Ideally looking for High Stuff but open to anything adveterious. We have already ran out of ideas...
  9. NegativeWolf

    Report - Periton Mead, Minehead, Somerset. June 2019

    Found this place thanks to this thread (https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/periton-mead-minehead-somerset-sept-2017.110067/#post-1239515). Saw it was about 50 min drive away and looked good on google maps so headed up and was plesently suprised by how easy it was to get in and how much was...
  10. NegativeWolf

    Report - Somerset Bridge Primary School, Bridgwater 2019

    Old Somerset Bridge Primary School, the roof was collapsed during a storm causing the school to close and relocate. I've been to this site once before before some of the buildings were fully demolished however I only went back recently to take photos (The only camera I had available was my phone...
  11. SomersetScavenger

    Question - Somerset Sites?

    Good Afternoon all, I’m new to this urban exploration and a few friends have also taken to do doing this. We are looking for places around Somerset we can go and explore, the internet doesn’t seem to have many positive results but we did find a couple cool places to go take some pictures...