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  1. RustyJohn

    Report - Return To The Coal Valley - Spain (March 2022)

    This is a follow-up to my previous report on this site: https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/the-coal-valley-power-plant-mines-more-spain-january-2022.131783/ The place was so huge that on our first visit we didn't manage to see the old part of the power station, so here we go... we started...
  2. RustyJohn

    Report - Abandoned Administrative Building - Spain (March 2022)

    I got a few reports to put up, so just to get it off, I'll start with the most trashed up place I've ever been...Anyway there's a nice backstory to this explore: When I got into urbex I started looking at Spanish blogs, and came up with this report from a well-known guy around here...
  3. RustyJohn

    Report - The Coal Valley (Power plant, mines & more) - Spain (January 2022)

    PART 1: Intro & Power Plant Me and my exploring partner were thinking something along the lines of ''Shit man, if we wanna see some epic places we're gonna have to travel to France or Belgium or something...'' but as the saying goes: as above so below! It seems that Catalonia had its own little...
  4. RustyJohn

    Report - The 'Mushroom' Mine (+ bonus by chance!) - Spain (December 2021)

    Here it goes... my first mine (explored with now-member @Bertuu !) I found this site mineratlas.com which revealed that my area is littered with lots of abandoned mines which I wasn't aware of, I'm no expert caver so I wouldn't attempt nothing crazy but this one seemed...doable! Actually the...
  5. RustyJohn

    Report (Permission Visit) Ghost Town of Belchite - (Aragon, Spain, July 2021)

    You may have heard of this place, but I haven't seen a report here so let's go! History is a mix of what I remember from the guided tour plus Wiki for accuracy. The Explore: Since 2013 they put a fence around the village and only guided tours are allowed, but it's quite in the middle of nowhere...
  6. G

    Report - Abandoned "castle", Northern Spain, June 2019

    Been meaning to post these for ages, but only just got round to it! Earlier this year I decided to go to Madrid for the Champions League final, and turned it into a 2 week road trip in my campervan, exploring a lot of Spain. On the way home I came across this place, finding it totally by...
  7. T

    Report - Hilltop housing - Marina Alta - May 2018

    I have visited this region of Spain a number of times over the past ten years and have always wanted to venture up to this abandoned housing development high up on the hills. I finally managed it on my last visit a couple of weeks ago and it was better than I could have imagined. The views over...