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  1. RustyJohn

    Report - Coastal Defence Pillboxes & Tunnels - Spain (February 2024)

    Another little gem literally within 5 walking minutes from home! This report is a continuation from this previous one: Civil War Coastal Defence Bunkers - Spain (November 2022) | European and International Sites Every morning when I walk my dog, I pass by this sight: I kept wondering if...
  2. RustyJohn

    Report - Iron Mines In The Coast - Spain (February 2024)

    I've just recently moved to a new city with new exploring possibilites all around, so to get familiar with my new surroundings, one warm (too warm!) winter morning I headed to Can Palomeres, a hill dotted with mines aaall around. The views from up there are quite nice...Seaside and mines, what...
  3. RustyJohn

    Report - The Big Mine of 'Can Palomeres' (Abandoned Iron Mine) - Spain (December 2023)

    Just next to the sea, in an unsuspecting resort town there's the remains of one of the most important iron mining operations in Catalonia. The 'Mines de Can Palomeres' were exploited irregularly since the late 1860's, but at the turn of the century an English company took hold of the place to...
  4. RustyJohn

    Report - Gassol Color S.A. - Spain (October 2023)

    I've been out of the game for a few months due to my exploring partner having had a surgery, but now that he's good again... back at it! The one who's not doing so well is my camera, which took a fall inside a mine and has never been the same, so some shots might be a bit out of focus. Can't...
  5. RustyJohn

    Report - Medieval Underground Cistern & Tunnels (Spain, May 2023)

    I don't even know how to start this report, I'm still shaking from the adrenaline...but here it goes, maybe let's get the historical facts out of the way first! In the late XVIth century the Order of the Capuchin Monks established a humble monastery on top a hill, in the outskirts of a border...
  6. RustyJohn

    Report - The 'Negrin' Mine/Bunker - Spain (February 2023)

    This might end up being a long one because of both the very eventful history of the place and the explore itself... I hope you like reading. There's an area near the border with France where there are some abandoned talc mines. This one, officially called the Canta Mine, started in 1868 as a...
  7. RustyJohn

    Report - Hilados Dusol S.A. - Spain (July 2022)

    (This report is a re-post from the ones that got lost a few weeks back) Ah, poor little 'local industry'... Northern Spain is dotted with towns that saw their growth or even birth thanks to an invention that became of widespread use at the turn of the 20th century: hydroelectric power. Over the...
  8. RustyJohn

    Civil War Coastal Defence Bunkers - Spain (November 2022)

    Every summer the resilient population of the Costa Brava prepares for an incoming invasion. Who's gonna be first to conquer these beaches: the sun-burnt Germans, the drunken Brits, the posh Russians? Almost 90 years ago, as the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was raging on, the fear of invasion...
  9. RustyJohn

    Report - Return To The Coal Valley - Spain (March 2022)

    This is a follow-up to my previous report on this site: The place was so huge that on our first visit we didn't manage to see the old part of the power station, so here we go... we started...
  10. RustyJohn

    Report - Abandoned Administrative Building - Spain (March 2022)

    I got a few reports to put up, so just to get it off, I'll start with the most trashed up place I've ever been...Anyway there's a nice backstory to this explore: When I got into urbex I started looking at Spanish blogs, and came up with this report from a well-known guy around here...
  11. RustyJohn

    Report - The Coal Valley (Power plant, mines & more) - Spain (January 2022)

    PART 1: Intro & Power Plant Me and my exploring partner were thinking something along the lines of ''Shit man, if we wanna see some epic places we're gonna have to travel to France or Belgium or something...'' but as the saying goes: as above so below! It seems that Catalonia had its own little...
  12. RustyJohn

    Report - The 'Mushroom' Mine (+ bonus by chance!) - Spain (December 2021)

    Here it goes... my first mine (explored with now-member @Bertuu !) I found this site which revealed that my area is littered with lots of abandoned mines which I wasn't aware of, I'm no expert caver so I wouldn't attempt nothing crazy but this one seemed...doable! Actually the...
  13. RustyJohn

    Report (Permission Visit) Ghost Town of Belchite - (Aragon, Spain, July 2021)

    You may have heard of this place, but I haven't seen a report here so let's go! History is a mix of what I remember from the guided tour plus Wiki for accuracy. The Explore: Since 2013 they put a fence around the village and only guided tours are allowed, but it's quite in the middle of nowhere...
  14. G

    Report - Abandoned "castle", Northern Spain, June 2019

    Been meaning to post these for ages, but only just got round to it! Earlier this year I decided to go to Madrid for the Champions League final, and turned it into a 2 week road trip in my campervan, exploring a lot of Spain. On the way home I came across this place, finding it totally by...