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  1. GRONK

    Report - Rail House, Crewe - January 2024

    January 2024 The Visit After a trip South with @stranton , we decided to make a pit stop at this intriguing location. Being a local, I had known about this towering thirteen-story structure for quite some time, and despite my previous failed attempts, I was determined to finally conquer it. And...
  2. anulbuttmonkey

    Report - 'The Towers' Essex Uni, Colchester April 2019

    my SECOND report plz don't rinse me Its a block of buildings for students at the university of essex in Colchester. they total 1142 rooms and one of them the one we climbed is under refurbishment was with a friend COOL explore. was up there for a few hours. sunny day we just out there tanning...
  3. anulbuttmonkey

    Report - FRINTON-ON-SEA Tower Blocks, ESSEX 05/09/18

    My first REPORT plz don't rinse me this is a standard residential area which had scaffolding up one of the sides at the time. Frinton is a town 30 minutes away from colchester and popular seaside attraction in the summer. It's the tallest building in Frinton town and overlooks the seaside as...