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train yard

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  1. rvznb

    Back After A While - Pilor School, Train Service Station & Monastery

    It's been a while since i've been urbexing. Due to covid19, family suff and work i haven't found the time to get back into is. Today (27/12/21) i got into it again and went on an adventure. - Our first top was a abandoned pilot school in Wallonia, Belgium It's been a while since i've been here...
  2. C

    Hampshire UK: Looking for abandoned vehicle/ vehicle sites in the South East area

    I'm a Graphic designer/ Photographer in my final year of Uni and looking to visit some abandoned/ disused sites. I am on the hunt for Car/Bus/Train graveyards and any sites containing old vehicles, around Hampshire and surrounding areas. I am local to both Winchester & Fleet. I am particularly...
  3. M

    Video - Healey Mills Train Yard

    Short cinematic take on urbex - no shaky gopro footage I promise! Healey mills and dudfleet mill are only a couple of miles apart so visited both one morning to create this short. Thanks for watching!