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train yard

  1. rvznb

    Back After A While - Pilor School, Train Service Station & Monastery

    It's been a while since i've been urbexing. Due to covid19, family suff and work i haven't found the time to get back into is. Today (27/12/21) i got into it again and went on an adventure. - Our first top was a abandoned pilot school in Wallonia, Belgium It's been a while since i've been here...
  2. R

    Lead or Rumour info - Electric Railway Museum closed (Coventry)

    Hi all, Been looking at a few posts on here regarding the Electric Railway Museum, aka Coventry's train graveyard. Sadly, the museum has been forced to shut down and all items from the site are now being moved around the UK. You can see regular updates on their Facebook page...
  3. C

    Hampshire UK: Looking for abandoned vehicle/ vehicle sites in the South East area

    I'm a Graphic designer/ Photographer in my final year of Uni and looking to visit some abandoned/ disused sites. I am on the hunt for Car/Bus/Train graveyards and any sites containing old vehicles, around Hampshire and surrounding areas. I am local to both Winchester & Fleet. I am particularly...
  4. M

    Video - Healey Mills Train Yard

    Short cinematic take on urbex - no shaky gopro footage I promise! Healey mills and dudfleet mill are only a couple of miles apart so visited both one morning to create this short. Thanks for watching!