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  1. dansgas1000

    Finnish State Railways VR Class Tr1 No. 1077 Steam Locomotive, Suffolk - February 2023

    Introduction I’ve had this one pinned for the best part of a year but for some reason, I just never got around to doing it until now. It’s certainly something a bit different, especially for East Anglia. Visited with @V50jake. Information & History Located at a business park a few miles from...
  2. JakeV50

    Report - Ashford Locomotive Works, April 2022

    Ashford Locomotive Works Constructed in 1847 by the South Eastern Railway Company, Ashford Locomotive Works was a replacement for a previous wagon works which was based in New Cross, London. The construction of the facility also included the building of nearly 150 homes to house the workers...
  3. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Locomotive graveyard - Germany - Aug, 2020

    History: Located somewhere in a large forest lays this big train yard, which is full of historic locomotives. The trains here date all the way back to the second world war, back then these locomotives were built to serve the heavy loads of the war. It wasn't always war material though, a small...
  4. huntez99

    Report - War Department 63063- Forgotten History - Train/Crane 1540

    So to begin with I started off my research by reading the report from @Imba. Which may I just say is a fabulous report and an amazing read, with some amazing pictures. I hope that with my report and the report from @Imba you can see a good contrast between day and night with the images I am...
  5. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Chesterfield Railway Tunnel - July 2020.

    Evening, Having been grabbing extra hours at work I’ve had zero time to explore new places or process past visits! Ive got a couple more explores to upload then probably nothing until the new year.... Chesterfield Railway Tunnel 474yards. June 1892 saw the arrival of the Manchester Sheffield...
  6. louisdee

    Video - Untouched Train Graveyard

  7. Pixels

    Report - Royal Mail Train, Hellifield - March 2020

    Whilst in the area myself and @plod decided to take a small detour to have a quick look at the train. The carriages have been sat unused alongside the active railway since at least 2002. The propelling control vehicle, converted from Class 307 multiple-unit trains, was used to transport goods...
  8. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - The Abandoned Royal Mail Train - Hellifield, North Yorkshire - March 2020

    The Abandoned Royal Mail Train Hellifield, North Yorkshire March 2020 HISTORY Anyone who has been to Hellifield in North Yorkshire may have seen an abandoned train not too far away from the train station. The train is a diesel powered Class 44 Royal Mail goods engine freight train consisting...
  9. E

    Report - Camden rat hole, November 2019

    This is my first post on the site, despite having used it for many years to check out buildings, so apologies if its a bit unpolished or if the photos arent the best quality. Having recently moved to London, and found some like-minded friends, I was eager to find some places nearby to explore...
  10. Llama

    Report - Golgotha Railway Tunnel, Shepherdswell - February 2020

    Visited with @obscurity and @TheFerret, cheers for another cracking day! :thumb History : Golgotha tunnel in Shepherdswell, Kent, first became operational in 1912 and made up a section of the East Kent Light Railway which was established just one year earlier to serve the Kent Coalfields. The...
  11. WilsonTheHuman

    Tenterden Train Graveyard - Tenterden, Kent - March 2019

    This place seems to have been done a lot recently but hey, this has been on my list to visit for /ages/ so myself and my two exploring buddies piled in to the car and off we went. Here's some history on the place: The Kent & East Sussex Railway opened in 1900 as England’s first ‘light railway’...
  12. rvznb

    Steam Train - BELGIUM 2019

    This locomotive was built in 1922 by the "S.A. Des Forges-Usines & Fonderies The & "Haine-Saint-Pierre". Since then she has worked for years at "Scheerders Van Kerckhove" There she was deployed for pulling heavy cement trains on the factory site of the building materials company, which is still...
  13. Lets keep going

    Report - Wenford Dries, Cornwall - December 2018

    HISTORY "The Wenford Dries were built in the early part of the 20th century (probably post-1907) to serve the china clay pit at Stannon on Bodmin Moor some 7.2km to the north east. Liquid china clay was carried in a pipeline from the pit to the settling tanks behind the dries. The dries operated...
  14. silentpartner

    Report - Tenterden Train Graveyard (East Sussex) - November 2018

    When seeing other peoples posts on the Train Graveyard, it triggered my romantic side as you can only imagine the amount of people they carried throughout their working life. Even though now reduced to a rotting carcass it was good to explore and I was please with some of the pictures I got...
  15. JSchooling

    Video - abandoned train scotland

    A short video of some Mark 2 Coaching stock abandoned in Scotland.
  16. vamp-v2

    Report - Train cemetery of Thessaloniki / Greece

    hi urbX community, this is my first report. I hope you like it and that someone get’s inspired to go out and explore. I went to Greece a few month ago, in particular to check out the “Train cemetery of Thessaloniki”. When i first saw photos of this place, my heart started racing… i had do...
  17. eddsup

    Report - Leigham Tunnel, Plymouth, June 2018

    Leigham Tunnel also known as Cann tunnel was an old tramway tunnel built early 1820’s. It is 620 yards long and pretty straight. In WW2 it would of been used as an air raid shelter to hold 3000 people. I didn’t get a great picture but at half way point was a couple of small rooms that would of...
  18. eddsup

    Abandoned House near Launceston, Cornwall

    I’m sorry I don’t have any info on this one. Been abandoned for some years. Floor fragile and broke in places. Roof of outbuilding collapsed. Train Carriage out the back sadly rotting away. Kitchen Lounge Dining Room Union Jack paint job throughout Hallway and Bathroom Outbuilding...