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  1. 4

    Report - Stephenson Shunter - Tanat Valley Railway, Oswestry - May 2024

    Visited this one while out camping in Wales. Also got kicked out of a brewery in Llangollen, had to feign interest in a fishing club in an attempt to sneak into a saw mill, yet still failed, and broke down on the way back home. Got half a dozen nice shots of the brewery though, so I might put...
  2. MK83

    Report - Stephenson shunter - Tanat Valley Railway, Porthywaen branch line - Oswestry - January 2024

    We thought we'd do a small report on this as while it is just a single derelict shunter we found it really photogenic and ended up with more photos than expected! GEC stphenson locomotives are a type of heavy industrial shunter built in the 1970s by GEC traction. This is the 3 axle variant...
  3. Boots432

    Report - Wolsingham rail depot - deep dive 2023

    While visiting a location close to here. I totally forgot about this place... After finding a way in and exploring the initial shed. A gap in a door was too tempting not to shimmy under. And upon exiting the shed a rabbit hole opened up, please enjoy a selection of pics that I took on my...
  4. gregabandoned

    Syfang Train Factory - Qingdao, China - August 2020 [demolished]

    Hi, this is my first one here guys, be gentle. The History Syfang Train Factory (Qingdao, China) Qingdao is a coastal city halfway between Beijing and Shanghai. It is known for its beer: Tsingtao - they even have beer festival every summer in the southern part of the city - Huangdao. The city...
  5. Boots432

    Report - Heaton Traction Maintenance Depot- newcaste upon tyne

    Took a little drive out on my bike to see this spot and it didn't dissapoint. Full of quite well done graffiti. And the tracks are still in place well worth a look. Heres a little bit of history I found. Heaton Traction Maintenance Depot is situated in Heaton, a residential...
  6. Llama

    Report - Kingsway Tram Tunnel, Holborn, London - January 2020

    The Kingsway Tram tunnel in Holborn, completed in 1906, only served as part of an active tram line until 1952, shortly before trams were removed from London's streets altogether. Over the years the tunnel has been repurposed several times and was even utilised in 2008 as a film set for "The...
  7. LittleOwl

    Report - Train Graveyard, Cheltenham - Jan 19

    Having been inspired by @mookster visit to this site not so long ago, I set out towards Gloucester way on my day off work, as I had another few sites on the list to visit there anyway. History Hunting Butts tunnel often gets overlooked but it is the shorter of the two tunnels on the...
  8. Iateabeeonce

    Report - Bulgarian Train Repair Station

    Hi guys, Just sharing some snaps from an urbex jaunt around Sofia, Bulgaria. Unfortunately I've got to make do with an old phone for photos, no professional camera bits! ~So far as I can tell, the site was used to repair and maintain both cargo and passenger trains up until the end of the...