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Report - 20 Fenchurch Street Roof & TC321


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Finally, this roof is accessible. I have actually lost count at how many times I have been here and checked the progress on the stairs or any other way to the roof, it was soo disappointing when I would get to the top of the stairs and they just end. That must of happened at least 5 times...

As far as I can work out, the site work must of been stopped whilst the crane alterations take place. Therefore making it doable weekdays. All other times it has been 24hr work except a saturday night/sunday morning.

TC2 was removed as the core had topped out, and replaced by the 2 cranes on the roof to starting building floors and ironwork.

It was windy as fuck up there, was really nice to sit in the cab and Listen to the radio with the heaters on, also the operator was even kind enough to leave his iPhone charger so I could charge my phone. Cheers :).






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