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Report - 250 mile roundish trip

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Where to start, well, i picked up Lost at 10.30 sharp, 3/12/07, and we got on our way. We started it all off with a place i've been wanting to go to for ages, since seeing it on Restoration. Walking up to it, i definately was not disapointed!

Glen O Dee, What a site:D


Onwards and inwards, bit shaky


Main staircase.


This window is stunning, id seen Losts photo but seeing it for real put a big:D on my face


Being a chef i have a soft spot for kitchens, these ones were HUGE, well stripped but still great to see the heart of the place


There was a really nice soft light coming in through these windows but the camera didnt quite catch it.


I think this was a recreational room, there was a small library nearby, and a spot where there had once been a dart board.


And finally, one off the corridor that runs the length of the building.


This was a brilliant explore, well worth the drive to see, the craftmanship of the place is excellent.

On to the next place, Blairs Catholic school, this place was brilliant, a bit scary at points as there are still some rooms used so we could hear people below:eek:, we conquered the tower which was a gem, Im sure that Lost has some crackers from here, it reminded me a bit of Hogwarts, the only photo i have from here thats worth posting is this one, Lost has a better one im sure


Cant resist one of the stealth mobile:thumb


Then it was onwards to Tertowie House, this place has a nuclear bunker underneith the gym, unfortunately it was locked:( still was pretty amazing to see, and a bit strange, that was the end to our adventure, had a cracker of a migrain on the drive home, then after taking Lost home, on my drive home i proceeded to puke out the door while driving!!:eek: not a good experience. Anyway, was a good day, muchos thanks to Lost for showing me these places:thumb
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