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Report - 65m high Union Carbide Chimney



Hi there everyone - first report.
Ever since I was a small boy I'd been wanting to do this chimney. Union Carbide was an enormous site set in the woods over the road from Middlewood in Sheffield. Being a Sheffield climber I would see these four grand chimneys on my drive north to the crags at Wharncliffe. Non of my climbing buddies were interested in doing it though. Then someone recommend this site 28days to me, a little bit of networking and bobs your uncle a climbing partner emerged in the form of Stepping Lightly. Here are some pictures of the chimneys



It was a fantastically clear evening when we set off to do the chimney. As it was my dream to do this, I climbed it first and brought up Stepping Lightly.


(picture courtesy of stepping lightly)

The views from the top were quite spectacular and because the chimney is on its own (i.e. not surrounded by buildings) its really awesome to be there, you feel humble.





It surprised us both that the chimney was as high as it was at 65m almost ran out of rope! I also got a little pumped as at the very top it gets steeper as you negotiate a bulge. The height of the chimney meant we had to down climb as we didn't have enough rope to abseil. A nice stroll back through the woods and away - no bother! I could get into this urban climbing caper :)


NB: We used rope and safety equipment throughout this climb.

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