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Report - A Good Mix- Hanson Cement Factory- Chimeny Tower- Clitheroe June 2015

Motionless Escapes

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First post on 28 days so here goes:

Bit of history:
Situated in the Ribble valley on the edge of Clitheroe, the site was set up in 1936. By 1938, through further investment in additional wet kilns, the works production grew to 750,000 tonnes of cement a year.
In 1983, £30 million was invested in a new dry-process kiln, enabling 1.3 million tonnes of cement to be produced each year.
Improved production efficiencies and sustainability meant that the older wet-process kilns were phased out and the site now operates a single dry-process kiln with an overall production capacity of around 960,000 tonnes of cement per annum.

As the sun was setting myself and Mr Pink set of on this ambitious journey to top out the main chimney tower at the cement works. We weighed the job up which all sounded well and good the only thing we had to worry about now was the workers!
We got into the lower part of the yard and set about sneaking in and out of the trees until we came across a train on the main line within the compound , so we took the opportunity to chill out waiting for darkness to set in having a fag and a beer looking out through the window at the job on hand. After around 30 mins or so we carried on our mission once we were on the gantry's within the machinery its self walking around up there was utterly bonkers with work vans passing blow and sirens going off around the site and the sheer noise of the several conveyor belts and heavy machinery meant there was no chance of hearing any noise of the workers.

To begin we climbed to the second highest point on the site to gain a better view of access to the main tower. This just so happened to be a silo looking down from up there at the rest of the site made us realise how big and stupid it really was. We headed down and made our approach to the main tower crossing the main gantry to the tower hoping not to get seen. We were in, all that was left was to get up there, but bloody hell it was hot sweating our nuts off we climbed the several flights of stairs getting to the top was a task in its self with the tower being in full view and lit up like a Christmas tree.
Job done, just to get out now, climbing down the ladder onto the ground we came across a worker filling his wagon with fuel up against a railing 20ft away we made the move back to the train were we chilled out before leaving the site.

Picture quality not the best atall! more to follow :)


Thanks for viewing feedback welcome :)
Thanks to Mr Pink :)

The Lone Ranger

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Good effort the pair of you :thumb

I'd probably remove the exact date and just keep the month and year in the title.

mr pink

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CRW_1010 (2).jpg
CRW_1010 (2).jpg
nice one ME
tidy little job that in and out with no hold ups or drama.
very hot in that place had to be careful what you are touching, and the flu.....ferking hell man that was hot climbing, got a bit too much.
heres a few shots, didnt get many good uns but the experience was worth it alone..


mr pink

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Nice work lads. Truly is a fun bit of live industry is this place. I remember on a few occasions having to drop to the floor whilst walking the gantrys as you watch workers drive by below you :D
its pretty cool topping out on the chimney tower

Lancashire lad

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nice work its a big task just getting in , ive looked a few times at having a mooch about and its just constantly patrolled by workers about the place , nice explore


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hahaha... ye thanks pal, hey that new business ventures a goer!! lol :D:thumb

nice pics by the way lads, and your are getting better mr pink.

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