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Report - Abandoned Warehouse, Leeds (March 2016)


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28DL Full Member
Been exploring for a couple of months now so I figured I should write my first report. :D

Heard about it from a friend of a friend and went looking for it. I couldn't find much about it on the internet apart from the fact is used to stock women's shoes, but you wouldn't know it from whats left inside.

You have to go along Sheepscar Beck, and then climb up to a wasteland by one of the bridges. There's a door that appears to have been taken down and put back up a bunch of times as people have got in.

Nothing too mindblowing, just a bunch of empty vandalised rooms with lots of debris. We heard a noise from outside that sounded like someone screaming that creeped us out a bit, but we decided that it must have been an animal and nothing came of it. There were a couple of things in one room that looked like some art students had been there and left stuff behind like a mannequin (and a couple of folders with drawings in).


I mainly shoot film so I only have a couple of digital & phone pictures at the moment, so apologies for the quality on some.





Thanks for reading!


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28DL Full Member
Isn"t this the old Andrew Pages place ?

I"d delete the first 5 pics personally & concentrate on the "Beck" instead :thumb


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28DL Full Member
I just had a look online and I don't think so, but I'm not sure, so it might be haha.

I still need to properly do the Beck, we only used it as a way to get to this warehouse. I have a roll of film waiting to get developed that should have some better pics of this place though


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28DL Full Member
I'm pretty new to Leeds so I don't know exactly where you mean. It's the last bridge before a culvert if that helps, but I wouldn't know if that's the one you're on about haha. Its a bit to the north of Sheepscar.

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