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Report - ABC Cinema, Cosham, June 10

lil' pezza

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I've Been A Very Busy Bee :D

After getting a nice phonecall from UrbanCreed saying he got in by the end of school the next day i was in my 'Sploring kit and on my way. Entry was simple, we had a few run-in's with chavs and the police, but they couldnt get in :wanker
So on with the photo's.

A bit of history with thanks from Vinka ;)

Built in 1934, as The Carlton Cinema, the building was badly damaged during a bombing raid in World War II. 4 people died in the explosion but the cinema was renovated and reopened.

In 1982 it was again renovated and became a 3 screen cinema but, sadly, closed its door in 2007. Since then, the future of the building has been uncertain with locals frequently campaigning to stop demolition and conversion to student accommodation or flats.

Since opening as The Carlton in the 30s, this cinema has had many aliases: The Carlton; The Classic; Essoldo; Cannon; ABC and, before closure, was known as Cineplex. The inside is reportedly in a very poor state and with no plans for refurbishment or a sympathetic conversion, there is no doubt that the end will soon be nigh for yet another example of Portsmouth’s Art Deco architecture.
1.The Original Doors, Now Covered In Metal

2.The Foyer Along With The Accompanying Film Reels

3.I Couldnt Resist :cool:

4.Kiosk Sign

5.Watching A Good Film

6.My Fascination With Broken Glass Continues

7.External Shot

Thanks For Looking :)