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Report - Aircraft Graveyard, Long Marston Airfield, Warwickshire.

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Hi all,
Paid a very brief visit to the defunct Jet Preservation Society last week and took a few pictures of some of the aircraft there. I know it has been done to death, but it is still worth a look around if anyone is in the area of Stratford Upon Avon, although I wouldn't travel from afar to see this place (he says as he types from within the tropical heat of Taiwan).

All of the planes are in a state of rot, and since my last visit, many of the aircraft have had thier frames and instrumentation pillaged.

On with the pictures.

Hawker Hunter WV832:

Hawker Hunter 830 (WV832), Delivered to the RAF in 1955, it spent was re-sold to the navy, spending its last flying years at FRADU, RNAS Yeolvilton, before being put into storage. It ended up as a ground instructional airframe at Lee on Solent before becoming derelict in 1988. In 1989, it sold on and ended up at the graveyard where it currently stands.

RNAS Yeolvilton, mid 70's

Long Marston, last week:

Westland Whirlwind based at RAF Chivernor. No more information.


Not flying:

De-Havilland Dove G-ANUW. No history here:



Cockpit of G-ANUW:


Fuselage interior of G-ANUW:

Avro Shackleton WR985 MR3:


A/Cn 17.4.58 and delivered to 23MU 23.4.58. Issued to 206 Sqn 6.58 and coded E. Despatched to the A&AEE Boscombe Down 3.4.59 for trials of the Maritime Tactical Position Indicator (OR/3042). The acceptance trial was completed 22.5.59 and the aircraft returned to St Mawgan 29.5.59. To 49MU 10.59 for Phase I modification by Avro CWP, completed 12.59, when issued to 203 Sqn and coded J. Cat.3 damage was repaired on site 8.61, when WR985 was sent to 49MU for Phase II update by Avro CWP. To 206 Sqn 2.62 and coded A until despatched to Avro Langar 6.63 for Phase III modernization. Completed 2.65, when WR985 returned to 206 Sqn and was coded T. Cat.3 damage sustained in flying accident 13.9.65 was repaired by 60MU 10.65 - 11.65, the aircraft returning to 206 Sqn until transferred to 120 Sqn 5.66 as H. To HSA Woodford 6.66 - 10.66 for Viper installation, when WR985 returned to Kinloss for 201 Sqn (still as H). Transferred to Kinloss Wing 2.67 as H, remaining until 9.70, except for a visit to HSA Bitteswell 10.68 - 12.68 for mods. Delivered to Cosford 25.9.70 for use as instructional airframe with No.2 SoTT. Allocated maintenance serial 8103M on arrival. Offered for sale in 'fair condition' by MoD 1988 and sold to a private purchaser.


Fuselage outside:


Fuselage (interior):

That's all for now folks! Hope it's been of some interest to you.

*Pictures of in service Hunter and Whirlwind not taken by me and I do not hold the copyright for them. They were made available on the net, although their copyright origin is unknown.