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Report - - Alderley Edge copper mines | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Alderley Edge copper mines

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Not a trip report but thought i would share a few of my pics of some of the mines at Alderley Edge and what we are up to :)

Entrance to wood mine


Grafiti Chamber

View attachment 113461

Looking down the entrance adit in wood mine

View attachment 113463

This is a current dig we are doing to investigate a back filled passage. We are hopeing this is a drainage level commisioned by Abberdine in the eraly 1800's. If it is we can reinstate the drain and clear a lot of water from the mines :)

This shows an air system we have rigged up to make sure there is a constant flow of fresh air into the passage. (its actually a golf GTI air fan rigged up to a battery with soil pipes connected for air flow :) )

View attachment 113465

Showing the air pipe coming in at the end of the great escape railway

View attachment 113467

Air pipe going off down the dig

View attachment 113469

The bulk of the spoil we are dry stoning down one side till we know where the passage goes so it gets a bit tight in places.

View attachment 113471

The current end of the dig

View attachment 113472

One of the lads got bored while pulling the tubs through lol

View attachment 113474

This is the boat down in the Hough Level for the boat trips.

View attachment 113477

Coming up Blue Shaft into Engine Vein

View attachment 113479

A nice sample of copper ore

View attachment 113481