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Report - Alienworks - France - August 2020


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This place is part of a former steelworks site which closed in the 90s. There used to be 6 blast furnaces, of which only one remains. The site went through the usual occasional shutdowns, restructurings, and changing owners. In the 1930s the steelworks got a new owner. After that two of the more modern blast furnaces from the early 1900s were shut down and dismantled and the older four went through a major overhaul. In this time period, the gas-fired power plant was built as well. The power plant burned blast furnace gas, 2-4% of which is hydrogen. Not all the gas was burned on-site, around 10% of it was sent to the Richemont power station, which was collectively supplied by all the blast furnaces in the area. We didn't have much time, so we didn't visit the boiler house. The turbine hall is a sexy one with a nice marble control panel and is populated by blowers. One is more or less dismantled and I have no idea what the big blue this by the window is. All in all a very nice location worth exploring.

Overview of the turbine hall

From the other side

The control panel

Industrial stairs

A lonely blower

Dunno what this thing is

An AEG engine-driven blower

Thanks for reading​

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That control panel is a beauty. Even the design of the stair rail you can see the beauty of French design :thumb


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Nice pics! I love this place and I've already been there multiple times as I live close to it ^^