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Report - American Iron, USA May 2016


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I have always loved classic cars, but I am a particular fan of classic American cars. In fact if I could spend my life shooting only one thing it would be vehicle graveyards as they interest me as much in abandonment as they do in road-going condition. Now I do realise these sort of things aren't to everybodies tastes but life would be dull if we all were interested in the same stuff.

This particular location is the single best car graveyard I have ever seen, anywhere in the world - although that might change when I see Old Car City in Georgia in April, but that's a pay-on-the-door kind of visit open to anyone and this one isn't!

There is a long and winding back story about how finding this place came about, as we were going off nothing more than a rumour that this place even existed. But to cut a long story short after getting some extremely vague directions from an old guy in a nearby town we managed to track it down. Seeing the old cars begin appearing through the trees as we drove down the road was a magical heart in mouth feeling for me as this really was somewhere nobody knew about.

The vehicles were spread over a large area, split in two by a farm track with the oldest cars situated in the furthest fields amid a large amount of trees. The older cars had obviously been there for many many decades, and the collection had been added to a lot over the years - the newest car looked to date from the early 1980s. Because of it's remote location the majority of the cars are wonderfully intact with original chrome and windows, and in many cases engines, still present.

I've never seen another place like it, we spent five and a half hours there trying to see it all, and only left when it began to get dark. I had to cut the photos down massively to keep it concise enough...

After our visit one of my friends managed to track down the owner, who explained that it was his own private car collection that he'd been gathering up since the 1950s. He was quite happy for us to take photos, he seemed genuinely happy that people with a genuine interest in cars wanted to document it, and he said we were welcome back any time. My friend went back about six months later and found a fair amount of the cars had been cleared away - the owner is in his late 80s and needed to pay for medical care so something had to go!

Thanks for looking :)​