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Report - Angel of the north - August 10


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I was waiting to go back to get better pictures, but as that can't happen now, I think I'd better put this report up.

Visited with Solomon, Skydiver & Squirrel911.

Solomon had said he wanted to do it, so while he was in the country, and i was going to be in the area, it would have been rude not to. Roping up took a little longer this time, but as there were 4 of us, I set it up with two ropes so we could be quicker. Sol went up first, with squirrel going up the second rope soon after, Skydiver setting off third, with me holding up the rear, camera left on timer (a shot every 15 seconds - 10 second exposure, for 400 shots)

Only got two shots, and you can see why I was waiting to get some better ones.

Left to right, Solomon, Squirrell, Me then Skydiver.

Angel 02 by big-jobs, on Flickr

After Squirrel & Sol got down, SD & I posed for one last one.

Angel 01 by big-jobs, on Flickr

Then shot down ourselves and made our getaway.

It's how I'll remember Sol, scared shitless & doing it anyway:D

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