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Report - - Annesley Colliery 18/11/2007 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Annesley Colliery 18/11/2007

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To begin with we were going to do something underground but torrential rain kept us from it. After re-evaluating our plan, we settled on this place as neither myself or Mini had done it before.
So off we went in my little car and got about 2 miles before we ran out of petrol. After walking for 1 mile in the pooring rain and 40 mins later we were on our way again.
The weather worsened as we eventually made it into Annesley and drove around looking for the turn off for about 45 mins before asking some baffled locals for directions.
It began to sleet when we reached the site and we strode off accross it, sinking into the mud with our fingers turning blue and numb as daylight finally faded.
As the first real snow of winter fell and after a half hour squelch around the site, we called it a day, miserable, fed up and in need of a nice warm pint.
I did however take these shots with my new camera, which were small recompence for the worst executed explore to date. Enjoy.





Inside the headstock.

Upside the headstock.