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Report - Ann's Grove School, Sheffield - 16th March 2010


Home-breaking baker
28DL Full Member
A day off work ill and an itch to get out and ‘splore. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while, but knew that it needed to be early morning due to it’s proximity to housing and a pub. Anyhoo… my best laid plans went to waste (due to the need for snot to abate and painkillers to kick in) and I decide to go have a look see. Access was easy, bar for a bit of a scrabble across broken glass.

Unfortunately, I got spotted on the way in due it to being far from the early morning I had planned and so I had to be brief. Flying solo and having forgotten my torch (I was actually cacking my pants a bit), I didn’t get to see much other than what would have been the caretaker’s accommodation. Another visit is a MUST as the site is quite large and there’s obviously a lot going on. Google Earth shows that the roof is now somewhat holey and so this will probably deteriorate fast.

I realise the pics are a bit gash. I can offer excuses… but it’s mostly to do with the blind panic (and lack of skillz, yes).

A little history:

Ann’s Grove is a Grade 2 listed building built in 1890. I can’t find exactly when it closed, but I estimate that it must have been in 2001/02 ish. There have been various bids to redevelop the site, but not have yet been successful (damn shame as it’s now falling to pieces).

After the school’s closure, a new school (bearing the same name) was bizarrely built bang next door.

Wiki says of it: “A new Infants school has been constructed as part of the scheme to modernise school facilities in Sheffield.[2] The new school is situated next to the Older Victorian school overlooking Heeley Bottom. The project which is claimed as one of the greenest schools built has features such as ground sourced heat pumps to reduce energy usage.â€
http://www.oldheeley.supanet.com/oldheeley1.htm says that the old school was originally two separate schools on the one site:
The two Schools In Heeley itself are Heeley Bank, completed In 1880 and Gleadless Road School, later called Anne Road School and now, Anns Grove. There were three sections: Infants, Girls and Boys. The subjects taught were reading, writing, arithmetic, English, history, geography, art, music and religious training. The girls were taught needlework and the boys Geometry. Gleadless Road School, being built later than Heeley Bank, had more amenities for its scholars, including rooms for domestic science and metalwork.' Students from Heeley Bank made use of these classes. Girls in the last year of school. spent a day in a large house in Meersbrook Park Road for housewifery. The boys at Heeley Bank also worked in the school garden.

"housewifery" huh? Missed the boat me :crazy

Now for some questionable pictomographs:

As it was:






Very dead outside toilet:

External buildings are all coming down:

Tasty kitchen:

Due to lack of torch, I didn't venture far in here:




Tanning bed?:

Living room:

A shot done better by many others:

Bedroom (with new mattress?):



la bain:


Not up for much:


Most of the ceilings were down and showing just the wood beams. This was an exception, but only just:

Creative walls:

Nipple face????:

The 'garden':

The new 'green' building:

This is my cherry. Be gentle with it. ;)

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