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Report - As the Crowe dies (Crowe Foundry - Canada) - March 2013

jerm IX

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The economic crisis. The great recession. The lesser depression.

Irrelevant are the labels, it was a financial free fall in the period between 2007-2009, from which global economies are still fighting to recover. Banks tightened the purse straps and it became increasingly difficult for businesses to access bank loans that they relied upon to maintain day to day operations. Many businesses were left with only one option: to declare bankruptcy and close their doors forever. Crowe Foundry was one of those casualties, and in January of 2009, the iron foundry was shut down and approximately 150 employees lost their jobs.

The building has deteriorated and decayed at an astonishing rate in the following four years and is rumoured to be demolished in the near future...

For those interested, the full write-up and more photos can be found here...

jermalism: Abandonment Issues: Crowe Foundry

Or just enjoy these pics...


Crowe Foundry employees at work (photos from Crowe Foundry website) by jerm IX, on Flickr


Crowe Foundry by jerm IX, on Flickr


The economic ladder to nowhere by jerm IX, on Flickr


The green room by jerm IX, on Flickr


The economic ladder is broken by jerm IX, on Flickr


Out of the black into the red by jerm IX, on Flickr


Button pusher by jerm IX, on Flickr


Terminated - Not calling in when absent by jerm IX, on Flickr

Don't just step into the foundry where employees once worked, put on their uniforms and pick up their tools.


Crowe Foundry employee Thomas (jerm IX) by jerm IX, on Flickr
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