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Aston Hall Hospital, Derbyshire, June 2014

George Whitehouse

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Hi this is my report on Aston Hall Hospital, Derbyshire, well what's left of it :) we had to make the visit short and sweet because there was builders onsite and sorry for the picture quality, it was a last minute decision with my best mate paul, was done with Iphones, hope you enjoy...

I found this information from cookie_corpse's report done on the same building/s, Thought I'd copy this as it's straight to the point as what the place is. :)

Aston Hall Mental Hospital sits in the scenic village of Aston-On-Trent in Derby, the hospital dates back to the 1930s and stretches over 3.2 acres.
The hospital was purchased by the Nottingham Corporation in 1924 as part of the old Aston Hall estate, since the hospitals conception it has always dealt with patients suffering from mental health problems and learning disabilities.
Each of the ‘houses’ could house up to 50 patients but in later years this capacity dropped as patients where transferred to other hospitals in the area.

Aston Hall boasted a one of a kind leisure centre within its grounds and was the only hospital in South Derbyshire to house a hydrotherapy pool.

In 1998 it was announced that the hospital would close amid fierce opposition from local residents who it to remain open and to continue caring for its then 58 resident patients.
The ‘village’ as locals called it finally closed its doors in 2004.

There is planning permission to build something else here so this is getting knocked down...












Thanks for looking hope you enjoyed our images :D
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