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AuxUnit hides used a combination of Iron Galvanised Sections used by the British Army as ' 21 Piece IG Shelters' which were used to construct Above Ground Ammunition Shelters among other thing like Anderson Shelter sections, so that no special parts were needed


21 Piece IG Shelter in use by a American Ammunition Supply Company at Sevenacks Forest handling 105mm Shells & Cartridges.

Each patrol had a main underground hide, the Operational Base (OB) and in many cases an underground Observation Post (OP) also sited close by. Both the OB and OP were extremely well hidden, and work would be carried out by the patrol itself assisted by Regular Army Units such as Royal Engineers to help plan and excavate the site and the disposal of tons of spoil in the process, reports of sandbags at local defence points & anti-aircraft batteries is no fairy tale, and how so many of these hides were built and hidden without more than a handful of locals being aware was no mean feat.

Almost all of these temporary above ground ammunition sites are now gone, but the use of such shelters continued in Rhine Army till well into the 80's


Another example of a 21 Piece IG Shelter being used 'above ground' as a ventilated storage sheler for Levins Gas Containers at CAD Nesscliffe in Shropshire.

Many thousands of these sections were produced for use in military storage and for use as air raid shelter in the case of the Anderson Shelters that the diversion of them along with other building materials within the military framework went un-noticed.
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