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Report - Bailey Mill - Delph - July 2015

Will Knot

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A bit of History................:cool:

Bailey mill in Delph was built in 3 stages, starting in 1863 with later additions in 1865 and 1871. The mill was owned by the Mallalieu family who were in the textile business starting with cotton and later moving onto wool.

The firm went into administration in 1996. They came out of administration when they were bought by another Delph weaving company, Gledhills. However, in doing so, most of the business was transferred to Valley Mill.

Bailey Mill closed down in 1996. Since that time it has remained empty and its future is uncertain.

The old Delph branch line (locally known as The Delph Donkey) once ran along the front of the mill with the last passenger train running on Saturday 30 April 1955. The old track bed is now a popular recreational route to Dobcross and Uppermill. Although the railway infrastructure has mostly been removed, the architecture of the bridges, walls and buttresses remains.

The Explore...........:D

In the area on a school day and thought I would just take a peek......don't do many solo mooches, certainly in large places with difficult entries and the dangers of rotten floors.....anyway.....on with the piccies :thumb





Thank you for taking the time and looking in looking.....I Will Knot ;)

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Nice report :thumb

Some of the floors are getting a bit spongy now, access is always changing here too.

Will Knot

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Nice set of photos, do love a bit of Bailey :)
Tried it a couple of times in the past but no luck....glad I seen it as there's not much inside now :(

Nice report :thumb
Some of the floors are getting a bit spongy now, access is always changing here too.
Cheers mate....yeah, a bit dangerous......
Proper Bo Will, superb photos as always, cheers for posting this report up.
Thanks there Mr Kwan man :thumb
Looks reet good this m8 :thumb excellent photies. :thumb
You are too kind mister @Telf ;) Cheers Buddy :thumb

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