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Report - - Balderton Hospital Water Tower 15.10.06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Balderton Hospital Water Tower 15.10.06

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This is, possibly the MOST dangerous thing i've ever done, ever.

Its on a par with hellingly, if not slightly more ridiculously step-less...

Quote from OT ;)

Not so much of a report - it's more of a 'it can't be done', would love to be proved wrong though.

and a few pictures of OT's of the outside of the tower and the stairs, I ran out of pictures...and don't have any...



the stairs rapidly decrease in number the higher you get...the place is horribly pigeon'y and the top is basically a minging pond where pigeons go to die by the looks of it...





I seriously don't advise a visit, you could die here, easily...

turk :)

P.S. Dweeb bottled it, and owe's me a tenner...
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