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Baltics Tour, Lithuania/Latvia - August 2017


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Hi everybody. It's been a long time since my last post on 28DaysLater ! I hate exploring in France and i've got a quite busy job... Plus, i was not old enough to rent a car by myself so i waited one year for that ! But, with my girlfriend and i, we made it last summer.

I'm used to explore in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg... But the urbex scene in Baltics is very quiet. We don't see that much series of abandoned stuff. I found some places by myself but i followed some advices of two locals (If you want to check whats the Baltics urbex scene looks like : Post-Apo.lv).

Feel free to ask for some other pics that the place you liked ;) I skipped some places. You can follow my work on my Facebook Page


We landed in Kaunas, cause the Vilnus international airport is in renovation work... We took the car in the middle of the night and drove to the first place...​


Not a big deal but an interesting warm-up : few planes in the middle of a small airfield.
After that, we went back to Kaunas but everything we tried was close… So we did some tourist stuff.​



(Typical Lithuanian Graveyard.)

If you visit Baltics, you will surely see some of these abandoned farms near the road. Most of them are empty.



(Old Mill near the road with a broken TV inside...)

Next stop was not on our top-list. Buy an old communist locomotive it's always nice to see.
The red star on the front is now damaged... Shame.


This place is not abandoned and overcrowded ! But the Hill of Crosses is definitely a place that you would check if you visit Lithuania. The exact number of crosses is unknown, but estimates put it at about 100,000 in 2006. Crazy!



We crossed the borders to Latvia to see the Northern Fort in Liepaja at the end of the day.



Skundra-1. Highlight of the tour !
The legal visit is about 4€.
We spent the half of a day to walk around the city. And we got lost few times !



An old sanatorium.
The exterior was so trashed that we almost skipped it.
But when we went inside this room, we were really happy and we wont regret it.



Decaying bobsleigh training track. Very original. ;)



Abandoned hotel with a dome theater.


2 abandoned school with a beautiful green gymnasium.



And the last place of the trip and the biggest fail : Theme Park.
We went there really early in the morning and we played hide and seek with the guard.
His dog and him were not really friendly with us... So we left...


Thanks for watching ;)


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Edmundas Jonaitis

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If you ever visit Lithuania again you need to go to old military towns and villages. I was living in a small village called Linkaiciai (near Radviliskis) it was just beside arsenal, so around the territory were a lot of abandoned bunkers and buildings. There is one underground bunker with tunnels inside the territory, but it is hard to go in there just because of all the cameras and soldiers walking around.