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Report - Bandeath Munitions Depot, Stirling 28/6/18


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My first report!
Had been eyeing this place up for a wee while and finally got the chance to check it out. Somewhat a smaller report, we couldn't stay as long as we wanted as my phone was dying and I needed Maps to get home :( Definitely going to head back up, though. Loads of buildings still to explore! To make the trip even better, we were treated to a beautiful sunset!

It's located up the back of Bandeath Industrial Estate in Throsk.
The facility began as an Admiralty Depot during World War I, with a nearby PoW camp. Historically, Bandeath was once an estate of the Abercromby family.
The depot was supplied via the main railway line, which connected to the site's own internal railway, which would distribute the munitions to more than thirty warehouses arranged in regularly spaced rows across the site. The stores were enclosed within protective earth blast walls, intended to direct the effects of an accidental explosion upwards, and away from the surrounding stores. From the warehouses, the railway allowed the munitions to be delivered to the rail mounted crane on the Admiralty pier, where they would be loaded on to inshore craft, which would carry them along the river and out to sea, where they supplied the British fleet.


I believe the site was sold to the council in the '70s and was refurbished. But it looks like they've used it as a dumping ground for old school equipment








Thanks for checking out my first report :)

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A nice few photos :thumb

Interesting place and you never know what's going to be in the next building, sometimes just sheep shit, but some interesting stuff in other.


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you never know what's going to be in the next building,
That reminds me of my visit to this place i strolled into one building only to disturb about 100 sleeping sheep who suddenly barged out almost taking me with them.

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