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Report - - Bangour Village Hospital - Police/Neds/Dogs - 27/2/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Bangour Village Hospital - Police/Neds/Dogs - 27/2/08

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Well, where to start with this one... (Aplogies for the long write up, I feel it is justified:D)

This was going to be the first stop of the night on a tour of a couple of unseen places (this one was a first for me), not so for Hmltnangel and Pincheck. Rather than visiting a few sites what it boiled down to was an hour long chase involving police, neds (Yooz Sound?::confused:) and a couple of dogs (we think).

As we knew where we were going, we headed straight to our intended destination, the Recreation Hall. Access was comical to say the least, not so for hmltnangel (Apologies for nearly breaking your finger). Once Pincheck and I were in, finger man went back to the car to tend to his wounds, however whilst on the way down he happened to come accross a group of six neds bravely venturing up a dark road with only a mobile phone and a cheap shitty torch for light. As he ran by them full pelt out of complete darkness shouts of

Dinnae fu**in run from the braver two of the group. He felt that there may be trouble, so he phoned to let us know and we met up with him when we were outside. These are the two photos that came out ok in the hall. For those that do not know Bangour, light can be a problem due to the active security, so lightpainting was out. The camera struggled with 30s exposure.



This is where things start to get interesting. We decided to investigate noises up at the old Nurses accomodation at the back of the site where upon arrival we heard shouting and muchos smashing. The access point they had procured was a battered bit of boarding, at this we all shone torches in the general direction of the hole...


By now the neds were clambering out the wee hole, falling on there arses in a comical manner whilst we directed security in there general direction. Then came sirens. At this point it became like a game of cat and mouse, running around trying to dodge six guys who would no doubt attempt to give us a kicking, and to doge the police. We at least had the common sense to put the torches off, making us semi cloaked but like the fanny's they were born to be, they continued to run around with torches on, attracting attention.
Best bit of the night was when they were on the cricket pitch, then someone obviously seen them and we just sat and watched them running around like headless chickens!

After about 40 minutes of this, we made a break for it to the tree line and seen a van, on sight of which we ran into the bushes. Well they did, I didn't, I apparently found the only tree within a twenty metre stretch and ran head first into it:banghead

After that it was a nice walk home for a cuppa:thumb

Sorry for the long post:D


Re: Bangour Village Hospital - Police/Neds/Dogs - 27/2/08 - Report

my finger hurts :( lol

my fav bit was ....

"eh... security... they're right in front of your van .... just keep driving and you'll run over them lol"

*cue* screaming neds runing like headless chickens across the field hahahahahaha

was a good laugh though.

heres a few pics to show u the rec hall that i took but never posted before. was full of police equipment that time ... including a redcare pir




got a few others when i find the disc they're on