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Report - Barnsley Main Colliery

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I believe this is Barnsley main colliery anyway....

The headgear and winding house, (the only other remaining feature is part of the tub rail circuit which runs around the site.

I supose this is one of those stabilised ruins now, its just sat on its own in a field. Only way onto the headgear would be by a ladder, I've got ideas about taking one over there, but i cant see it happening to be honest, pictures:

views of the headgear:






The winding house:


and part of the tub circuit:


This was supposed to be a warm up excersise for a proper explore at Annesley but......

I drove over to Annesley, but was seriously pissed off after the drive over to find there were 2 cars parked in the drive by the canteen and a team of about 8 pikeys stripping metalwork out of the locker/baths part, they had what looked like a load of locker doors and other pieces of sheet steel stacked up outside, inside there were bangs and clattering noises coming out. fed up that I couldn't take any pictures, and that what was going to be a good bit of exploration had just been ruined I set off with view to getting the headgear climbed, only to find that two of the pikeys kids had left the baths and were now circling the headgear on a couple of monkey bikes. My mate thought it was asking for trouble to go over there and climb it anyway, I had to agree and chickened out. on the way back up a beat up transit panel van had arrived at the bath house and was being loaded up with the scrap metal. I couldmn't believe it.... we just kept our heads down and walked past....

To be fair it ruined my day, next they will probably pinch the pit wheels for scrap...