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Report - Bat Caves, Westhumble, Surrey - March 2018


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Myself and the mutt thought we’d go for a walk around Westhumble, Surrey as it’s just up the road and I fancied checking out the bat caves. Access is blocked by 2 massive steel grills to protect the bats hibernating so only a couple of external photos (sorry).

The surrounding woodland has spectacular views so if you’re passing I’d still recommend a visit!

The mine has been known as a good winter roost for bats for some years, and its very shattered condition inside makes it ideal for vespertilionid bats, which tend to squeeze into very narrow cracks. Recently the Bechstein's bat was discovered at this site, Bechstein’s bats are regarded as Britain's rarest mammal with only 1000 in existence. A tower has been built at the entrance to provide warmth, humidity and protection. The site is now a statutory Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Thanks for viewing and I hope I haven’t bored you with bat facts.



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28DL Full Member
Ive heard rumour of other tunnels up and behind this bat cave!

Really? That's interesting to know. I've had a good sniff around and whilst there's lots of potential I couldn't find anything. Let me know if you know any more...

I normally use this great website for hints but it's not very mobile friendly and my laptop is currently broken.

(enable archeology results from the left menu)


Like a cat on a fence....
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hahaha this place was wide open when you put this report up. you clearly didn't see the access!


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Someone told me about the access point a few months ago and I completely forgot about it! Time for a revisit I think...

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