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Report - Batley bus station july 2021


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Had been having a nosy on maps and was alerted to a possible culvert under the bus station at Batley , Speaking to Nuboid who is familiar with that area having done Monument he told me that it was uncharted ( so to speak ) which meant it probably wasn't much if anything at all , undeterred with a plan B in mind of having a look at monument if it turned out to be nothing we arranged to meet up at 8.00am and go check it out . The bus station at batley was rebuilt in 2005 so i was wondering if any new work had been done underground ? meeting up with nuboid proved to be a big help as he knows the area where to park best entry points and had done a scout beforehand so its as much his explore as mine . climbing over the fence at the corner of the bus station were st James road meets Bradford road we were in the batley beck with no more than a few strange glances

the first bit was very low concrete and to be honest looked like a back breaking stoop but thankfully it opened up straight away

well this was a nice surprise had been expecting rcp or at best a concrete box big roomy corrugated metal arched roof !
very clean and a fair old size

after the surprise of the first section it then transformed in to an old stone arch , note the concrete kerb sides which seam to be a standard feature in this neck of the woods similar to transporter and monument

stone arch changed to brick arch nice shot of Nuboids nikon

brickwork changed back to stone work was never a small drain never had to stoop once

one thing to mention about this explore was the amount of pigeons down there not only did this last section stink of bird poop they aggressively dive bombed you was lucky they diddn't take the camera and tripod out had to duck a few times i can tell you !

looking back downstream the roof on this next section was ramshackle at best

looking downstream again every pigeon in batley must roost on these girders lol

change in styles to flat concrete roof this is looking downstream we popped out briefly in to the open air

underground old bridge looking upstream it then widened out to a large size
a fair few feathery friends roost in here !

walking upstream a bit further we then approached this metal grill with a gated sluice gate to the right of the picture (which you cant see )

inside the concrete sluice we climbed over the sluice control and carried on upstream

small culvert we kept going upstream

glad we kept pushing on as ive never seen anything like this before green plastic or fibreglass bonded to the roof was quite photogenic mind

coming out of this we had another open air section then it went back underground again


concrete on the bend only the remainder was all stone


change to brickwork, it just kept giving this drain


looking downstream this was at the end of this particular section it now went out in to the open air again .
last shot after going upstream a bit the water got deep in one place ( waist high ) this culvert wasn't to long
well thats all folks as they say in the cartoons a brilliant explore well worth doing big shout out to Nuboid as well cheers mate one of the best i've done would recommend thanks for watching :thumb :thumb
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Got shiteye last time I stepped foot in Batley :D

Looks v.similar to the rest of the stuff there construction wise.

Pic 6, either quite deep or you have short legs ? :p


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28DL Full Member
Got shiteye last time I stepped foot in Batley :D

Looks v.similar to the rest of the stuff there construction wise.

Pic 6, either quite deep or you have short legs ? :p
yeah read you report on monument the other night having to go to hospital that much pigeon poop down these drains its a rats paradise , was a cracking explore really enjoyed it would still like to get over to manchester sometime and do some of the classic drains over there :thumb


more tall than ginger tho.....
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Good job guys and nice pics jezzyboo. That fibreglass stuff is weird. I've seen some before but not that much. Yer missed a trick with all that corrugated stuff - its really photogenic when back lit, otherwise it's such cheap horrible ugly lookin stuff, second only to concrete :thumb


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28DL Full Member
t'was a nice little mooch that jezzyboo, the pics have turned out well
must remember to take my pigeon deflector if i drop in here again ha ha


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28DL Full Member
Great explore, well captured. Amazed at all those birds down there. Half expecting to see fish also. Thank you for posting this little jem.

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