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Report - Battersea chimney climb...June 08

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stepping lightly

28DL Full Member
Okay so I've done it once but there were at least 10 good reasons to do it again..
Firstly on my first trip i didn't take a tripod up with me so the pictures were very poor..
Reports in the news about the imminent start of works (so possibly the last chance to climb the real chimney)
P.Ms from people wanting to give it a crack..
The list goes on but the last but not least reason , the high stuff thread hasn't moved for weeks , so its like a press of the refresh key only higher..
So on with the story , the weather had been shite just recently so it had been on and off a few times which meant the some of the original people who had wanted a crack were not available on the night (sorry guys blame the weather)..
Another slight problem is that the two guys I did it with may not want to be named for reasons I will go into later , so for now we will call them :cool: & :crazy..
Driving down to London :crazy and i talked of lots of sites we had on our wish lists in the south and how nice it would be to squeeze a couple more in on this trip . As we neared London we swung by and picked up :cool: he was infectiously hyped , as we neared the (abandoned) power station we realized as all who visit how absolutely f******g gigantic and awesome this building is and why people like us are drawn to its iconic magnificence (sorry I can't help it rattling on about it)
So having by-past the fence we made our way across to the building , at this point :crazy took a nasty fall which looked like the whole evening was off as he reeled around on the ground , so we found a bush to shelter in whilst he ass est his injury. After 20 minutes we set off again to where we were to meet a forth person :eek: but he text and said sorry I'm 100 miles away stuck in traffic and how gutted he was to be missing out (ka sa ra)
We made our way to the big steel beams , as this was going to be a full ascent , I quickly and safely climbed them to the roof and belayed the others up..
We had picked a beautiful night the stars were out , and you could see all the sights of London crystal clear (WOW)
A short scaffold climb brought us to the bottom of what has to be the most famous chimneys in England (no the world)..
And people ask why we want to do this.....just look at it

This is not my picture and I have forgot who took it ;)
if you mind me using it P.M me and I will delete it :thumb
Within 20 minutes or so I was nearing the top..

A couple more moves and yes...

A look down the centre..

I set up the tripod and took about 20 (beautiful) shots of London ho and one of myself night vision stylie..

My time was done so down I went...
In quick time :crazy shot up and nailed it , then :cool: bagged it and was getting his pictures when in swoops the whirly bird and then sirens and lights everywhere now as it is not cut and dry what is going to happen to us I cannot go into the next bit too explicitly , only all photos of possible targets had to be deleted and we are now usual suspect status..
So all in all with drive and all the ups and down a very memorable trip..
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Oxygen Thief

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Just came accross this and thought it was worth the bump.

First up there I believe (twice), anything else is just second best...


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Always impressed when I see a Battersea chimney climb on here, does anyone know what the outcome with the 'whirleybird' was, it has been five years...


Staff member
I remember seeing this before, and just thinking fair play guys. Especially as the first to do it, good on you.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nice one lads :) wanted to splore there for ages, wouldn't want to deal with 'whirly birds' though lol


big in japan
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Read about it on sleepycity or adventureworldwide, that'll fill in the gaps.
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Boba Low

SWC ___/
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Funny, read through this one yesterday. It's always good to re-read the classics.

The Kwan

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Regular User
I am made up to see this report and definately worthy of a bump because it was posted before myself and some other members posting in this thread had even joined up at 28. I think SL,:eek:,:crazy and:cool are very brave indeed.
I think it is a good idea to bump some old quality stuff like this and anyone who knows, would know that it is for contents sake not revenue...doh


Mr Muscle
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Let's appreciate the reports and not get wound up by any current events as it detracts from what others have achieved and deserve praise for.