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Report - Beans Foundry 03/07/06


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Firstly thanks to lock1999 for finding this and posting it up in leads,recon,rumors. He was going past in his canal boat and saw it!!!

Visited with dweeb tonight, the place looks AWESOME, it has closed, the auction has been and gone and it stands awaiting it's fate. Apartments have been built amidst the ruins of another big factory next door and I think they will eventually spread here.

Only a recce really, took a while to figure exactly which closed site this was amidst the ruins of the balck country. Then once we had found a way in, we got clocked by security as soon as we got close. Fortunately he was more interested in talking on his phone and left us to it!

Looking inside the place is almost exactly as it closed, the power is still on and plenty of displays are still working. Unfortunately we had left tripods behind for the recce and time was running out so only a few crap pics for me.
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Re: Beans Foundry 03/07/06 REPORT

heres some more photo's
special thanx to Sean!!!
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