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Report - Beelitz Heilstätten - Military Hospital/Sanatorium - Jan 2013


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Beelitz is a town just outside of Berlin near Potsdam, and in one area it is dominated by a huge complex of 60 abandoned buildings, designed as a sanatorium in 1898, converted into a military hospital during the first world war (Adolf Hitler received treatment here) and taken over by the USSR in 1945 as a soviet military hospital. It was abandoned in the 90's as the Soviet Union disintegrated.

At some point in June me and two friends were in Berlin and thought we would go there. It's a fair journey out of Berlin - took us about two hours by train and then bus.
All in all, we completely underestimated the size of this place, or at least the parts we could have got into. We spent almost all day in one building in the North East of the complex. Although we still found time to look around the North West, I recommend starting with the North West.
All of these buildings are boarded up, but walk around them and you will more than likely find an opening or loose board. We got into almost all of the buildings by dropping into the basements/boiler rooms and climbing the stairs up. There was nobody guarding it or anything - the only people we met were exploring the place too. There is a great map of it on forbidden places.

The buildings themselves are about three stories high, and what is inside varies. One had an operating table and a clock-tower you can climb to the top of and even a cinema. They were all full of brilliant graffiti, some better than on the Berlin wall.

Operating table. Was covered in tomato sauce or something.

Class Graff.

Stairs in North East Wing

Still in North East Wing

Theres a lot of USSR Signage and they used their newspaper as wallpaper

'All will be well'.

Climbing the Clocktower


Most of Beelitz looks like this ^
Beelitz is basically a freebie - no guards, not hard to get in, I even heard there was an old USSR plane in the woods somewhere. Just don't pick up the newspaper on the floor. Some people are jank.


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